A day trekking in Tyresta Nationalpark

Living in Sweden is not just about cities, universities and accommodation… A huge part of this country consists of incredible natural sceneries and breathtaking landscapes. Last weekend, some friends and I went trekking at Tyresta Nationalpark, located around 20km at the South-East of Stockholm. You can get there by regular bus lines and Pendeltåg (commuter train). I… Read More A day trekking in Tyresta Nationalpark

Master programme application

Hi y’all! Hope you’ve had a great holiday. I’ve been doing the mandatory slacking off over christmas, assuming a horizontal position on my mother’s couch while being provided with an excellent selection of glögg and lussebullar. And, as mentioned before, I spent new years in Amsterdam with Sofia and a couple of other friends. Awesome times. But… Read More Master programme application