Collecting and Organizing Data 2014

This course was our last course in the first semester (although, honestly, the differences between the 1st and 2nd semester were almost imperceptible since we had no break between those two). Nevertheless, since this course would have gone through Christmas and New Year, we got some sort of ‘break’ in the middle of our course.… Read More Collecting and Organizing Data 2014

Our Poster Session: Great Learning Experience

Dissemination of research findings is as important as conducting the research itself. Poster is one of the possible presentation forms we can use to disseminate the results of our research in scientific conferences and other similar gatherings. When it comes to preparing a research poster, one of the biggest challenges, especially for individuals with limited… Read More Our Poster Session: Great Learning Experience

If you need satisfaction, go to KI Library

Hello everyone, Karolinska Institutet(KI) library service is one of the greatest sources of my satisfaction as a student. The following are some of the library services that I would always like to talk about: The library information desk: Nowadays, I am feeling that it gives me some sort of ‘little happiness’ just to stand and… Read More If you need satisfaction, go to KI Library