Meet the bloggers

Every year Karolinska Institutet recruits Digital Ambassadors – students who blog and represent the university online.

There are students from each of the eight Global Master’s programmes and a variety of genders and nationalities.

They write about their studies, careers, life in general and being new in Stockholm and Sweden. They can also answer your questions if you send them an email.

Biomedicine (master)

Laura Barceló Bartrolí,  from Catalonia, Spain. Watch Laura’s videos at her blog.

Christina Neofytou, from Greece. Read her blog.

Disha Rao, from India. Read her blog.

Biomedicine (bachelor)

Cassandra Hokka Zakrisson, from USA. Read her blog.

Tina Sayari, from Sweden. Read her blog.

Anna Vidina, from Latvia. Read her blog.

Nishi Dave, from Belgium. Read her blog.


Erin Fears, from USA. Read her blog.

Essam Sharaf, from Egypt. Read his blog.

Huanling Lai, from China. She blogs in Chinese in our page on Weibo.

Paula Salme Sandrak, from Estonia. Read her blog.

Rosa Willock, from UK. Read her blog.

Health Informatics

Manjula Bhuma, from India. Read her blog.

Nikola Mastilovic, from Serbia. Read his blog.

Rath Panyowat, from Thailand. Read his blog.

Health Economics, Policy and Management

Adina R. Khamitova, from Kazakhstan. Read Adina’s blog.

Simeng Yan, from China. Read his blog.

Global Health

Natalie Boyle, from Canada. Read her blog.

Tanya Karima Lundin, from Kenya/Sweden. Read her blog.

Public Health Sciences, Epidemiology

Leire Fernández, from Spain. Read Leire’s blog.

Diego Yacaman Mendez, from Mexico. Read his blog.

Erwei Zeng, from China. Read her blog.

Jonathan Mak Ka Long, from Hong Kong. Read his blog.

Nuhamin Petros, from Switzerland/Ethiopia. Read her blog.


Jennifer Tsai, from USA. Read her blog.

Yitian Zhou, from China. He blogs in Chinese in our page on Weibo.

Molecular Techniques in Life Sciences

Carolina Savatier-Dupré Bañares, from Spain/France. Read her blog.

Previous student ambassadors

Biomedicine (master)

Olivia Miossec, from France/USA. Read Olivia’s blog.

Ian Olson from the United States. Ian is now a Research Assistant at Karolinska Institutet in the Neurology department.

Sushmitha Sathiyamoorthy from India. She now works for a biomedical company in Singapore.

Preethi Pillai, from Singapore. Read Preethi’s blog.

Biomedicine (bachelor)

Lovisa Odén,  from Sweden

Sofia Morsing, from Sweden


Dina Titkova, graduate, from Russia. Dina is working at Mobile Life Centre in Stockholm.

Spyridon Papasotiriou, graduate, from Greece.

Adeeb Tawseef, from Bangladesh/Canada. See Adeeb’s student videos.

Andrew McDonnell from Ireland. Read Andrew’s blog. You can also view his vlog on YouTube.

Yi Zeng, from China. Read Yi’s blog.

Ismael Gonzalez, from Mexico. Read Ismael’s blog.

Health Informatics

James Salisi, from the Philippines. Read James’ blog.

Yesho Simon,  from Uganda. Read Yesho’s blog.

Mina Makar from Egypt. Mina is still in the Stockholm area, working for Abbott.

Ragashree Setty from India.

Abhinit Ambastha from India. He is now completing his PhD in Singapore, and is not an active blogger. But chances are that you could meet up with him in Singapore to ask questions!

Daniel Yen from USA. Read Daniel’s blog. You can also view his videos on YouTube.

Global Health

Alexandra Searle from Zimbabwe/South Africa. Alexandra is now working at Erisson.

Caity Jackson from Canada. Caity is now working at the Karolinska Institutet.

Naieya Madhvani from the UK. She is now working as a medical doctor in the UK, and is not an active blogger. But chances are that you could meet up with  her in the UK to ask questions!

Simon Shamass from the USA. He is now busy becoming a medical doctor in the USA, and is not an active blogger. But chances are that you could meet up with him in the USA to ask questions!

Alex Browne, from the United Kingdom. Read his blog.

Sarah Khalid Khan, from Pakistan. Read her blog.

David Humphreys from Australia. Read David’s blog.

Caitlin Longman from South Africa. Read Caitlin’s blog.

Public Health Sciences


Kazem Behbahani graduate from USA.

Asma Islam graduate from Bangladesh.

Radek Gora, from Poland. Read Radek’s blog.

Jessica de Loma, from Spain. Read Jessica’s blog.

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