Master's in Bioentrepreneurship 2019. Who got in?

This blogpost introduces the students admitted to the Master’s programme in Bioentrepreneurship (MBE) 2019. This master is 1 out of 9 global master programmes KI offers. Get ready for some hard facts and statistics about my classmates and their profiles! 1. Nationalities My class represents 20 different nationalities. We are also the biggest number of… Read More Master's in Bioentrepreneurship 2019. Who got in?

Göran Tomson, Senior Professor – #HumansOfKI

When I walked into the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on a cold Tuesday morning to meet Senior Professor of International Health Systems Research, Göran Tomson, I could not even image how inspiring and fascinating our talk will be. Read the recent #humansofKI interview to learn more about the universal health coverage, glocal approach in… Read More Göran Tomson, Senior Professor – #HumansOfKI

Chris Garcia, Project Leader of iGEM Stockholm 2018 – #HumansOfKI

iGEM Stockholm is a team of students from universities around Stockholm who spent 2018 developing Biotic Blue, an enzyme-based solution for cleaning antibiotics from waste water. I managed to steal a moment from the busy schedule of KI Master’s student Chris Garcia to speak with him about his role on the project. What is iGEM?… Read More Chris Garcia, Project Leader of iGEM Stockholm 2018 – #HumansOfKI

Betty Tesfai, Master’s in Biomedicine – #HumansOfKI

Karolinska Institutet has a lot to offer including high-quality education, excellent research and exciting student life. A master’s student, Betty Tesfai, knows this firsthand. She might have just started the Master’s Programme in Biomedicine this fall, but it is her fourth year at Karolinska Institutet. Betty has graduated last June with a Bachelor’s Degree in… Read More Betty Tesfai, Master’s in Biomedicine – #HumansOfKI

Lassi Koski, Medical Student – #HumansofKI

Do you want to learn what Swedish word can be used to best describe the environment at Karolinska Institutet? If so, read the interview of Lassi Koski, a second semester medical student from Finland! Why did you choose Sweden and KI? I was very interested in studying abroad earlier, and I was considering some countries… Read More Lassi Koski, Medical Student – #HumansofKI

Anna Hagström, President of Global Friends – #HumansOfKI

As a fourth-semester medical student and the president of KI’s Global Friends committee, Anna is clearly not a woman with an overabundance of time on her hands. Even so, she found a spare half-hour between a full day at the hospital and an evening event for arriving international students to talk to me about her… Read More Anna Hagström, President of Global Friends – #HumansOfKI