The 3R’s at Karolinska Institutet

The 3R’s are a concept established by Russell and Burch which encompasses different aspects regarding the use of laboratory animals (rodents and rabbits) in biomedical and toxicological research.  Probably most of you are already familiar with this concept but if no, during this blog I will discuss the main key points of the 3R’s. I… Read More The 3R’s at Karolinska Institutet

Even Biomed students can meet patients

Hej everyone! The spring term has just started, and everyone is trying to get back into study mode after the holidays. Our holidays are actually called “individual study time” on the schedule which means you either have a final exam to study for or an assignment (so not really a proper holiday 😝). Anyhow, our last… Read More Even Biomed students can meet patients

Wonder what MSc Biomeds do in their free time?

Hello there! Ever wondered about what the master’s biomedicine students do in their free time? Well, today’s blog post is all about my class. Not only we come from different countries, but we also studied different fields such as biomedicine, biotechnology, immunology, molecular medicine, biology and so on. There are people from China, Taiwan, U.K.,… Read More Wonder what MSc Biomeds do in their free time?