Course Review: Health Systems and Policy

Not too long ago I promised you a journey through the courses you would take as a first year HEPM student. Now it’s time for the next instalment. After finishing our first health economics module, we moved straight on to ‘Health Systems and Policy’… At the beginning of this master’s, this module was possibly the… Read More Course Review: Health Systems and Policy

A voyage of discovery: my first health economics module…

After deciding to apply for a master’s, one of the things I found most challenging was working out exactly what would be covered on the course. Syllabuses obviously exist, but they usually don’t give anything like the kind of detail that a prospective student is looking for. With this in mind, I’ve created a series… Read More A voyage of discovery: my first health economics module…

Amgen Scholars Application- Summer Research Part 1

Hej hej! A few months ago, I had written a blog post about what research a Bachelor student can conduct during summer. Research experience is very valuable while following a research career path. I briefly mentioned the summer course called Amgen Scholars and in this post I will talk about what it is and how… Read More Amgen Scholars Application- Summer Research Part 1

Checklist for completing your application

You finally chose your programmes and submitted your application on the 15th ! Congratulations! As you are rushing to make sure everything is ready for February 1st, this blog is intended to help you keep track of what not to forget, and what to focus on. As a bonus, I will give you 4 helpful comments on… Read More Checklist for completing your application

New year, new challenge?

January brings with it two important events at Karolinska Institutet. Firstly, the Global Master’s students begin their return to Stockholm after a period of festive re-fuelling. But more importantly, January the 15th signals the last day for applications for the upcoming 2018 academic year. This combination made me sit back and reflect on the huge… Read More New year, new challenge?