A Swedish affair of art and politics

After endless debates, extensive calculations, several headaches and occasional hysterical attacks, Swedish authorities finally decided to abolish entry fees for most of the country museums. Worth noticing is the fact that this is not the first time for Swedish museums to become free for visitors. The fees were reinstated by the government in 2006, due to economic… Read More A Swedish affair of art and politics

Swedish as a second language

Hello everyone, Swedish as a second language is an English translation of a natural successor of the Swedish for immigrants (SFI) course and is officially called Svenska som andraspråk, also known as SAS. Have you ever thought about applying for a job in Sweden, you should seriously consider improving your Swedish skills. Having at least limited proficiency is also… Read More Swedish as a second language

Visiting Riksdag, the Swedish Parliament

Hello! The weather over the last couple of days was not really pleasant with the sunlight barely passing through the thick layers of clouds. This is why I thought it would be much better to visit something with internal heating instead of strolling around the centre freezing to death. I chose Riksdag – unicameral parliament of the… Read More Visiting Riksdag, the Swedish Parliament

Nationalmuseum @ Design // When design meets science // Intercourses on Jupiter

Hello everyone! Last weekend, quite unexpectedly, I got a chance to visit Nationalmuseum Design, located on the 4th floor of the Kulturhuset building. The museum currently exhibits ‘Domestic Futures’ collection, which is based on the works of young artists trying to design interiors of the future households. Some of the models involve living outside the Earth, electrical self-sufficiency or utensils and furniture… Read More Nationalmuseum @ Design // When design meets science // Intercourses on Jupiter

Introducing our first Stockholm iGEM team!

Hello everyone! In this next post I am very happy to present the brand new Stockholm iGEM team, which is a wonderful group comprising 19 enthusiastic students from three higher educational institutions based primarily in the Stockholm area: Karolinska Institutet (KI), Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH) and Stockholms Universitetet (SU). iGEM – acronym… Read More Introducing our first Stockholm iGEM team!