6 things you can get at KI library other than books

Some people think that library is a boring place. That is not really true! As a master’s student at KI, I think, KI library is one of the most important place for KI students as it provides many useful things. In this blog, I will share my experiences at KI library 🙂

1. Free access to many good international journals

Many scientific articles coming from good international publishers are not free. Yet, KI students have opportunity to access those articles from KI library website. Name good publishers you know: BMJ, Nature, The Lancet, etc. – KI students can easily access the articles from those publishers.

For me, this facility is very essential because reading (and citing) scientific articles are needed for many things during the academic years. For instance, for writing the assignments or exams, for deepening my knowledge on particular issue on the course, and many more.

View from the opened door
When you have ‘easy’ access to many good journals, it feels like you have a wide-opened door that makes you able to discover knowledge as much as you want to (Image courtesy of Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay)

2. Good place and facilities for group work

If you read my previous blog, you would know that KI students have a lot of group works. You might think that having the group work in the library sounds conventional and unexciting. But I don’t think so. KI library has a lot of rooms for group work. Most of rooms have a computer and large screen (and of course, quite good Wifi connection). And we are allowed to bring coffee, tea, fruits or other snacks to the rooms. So far, my groups always have our meeting in KI library because the ambience and facilities are sufficiently well to support an effective discussion.

In addition, for your information, booking a room at KI library is like a competition :p You have to book it as soon as possible since many students are interested to book a room as well.

Rooms for group works
Some group rooms at KI library (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

3. You wish to study in silence? KI library is the right place!

I know some students who need silence to be able to concentrate while studying (yet I am not this kind of person). KI library also has rooms which are usually called in Swedish as “tysta läsesalar” or “silent reading rooms” in English. I tried once to study in this room, it was really quiet. When I opened my zippered bag in this room, it sounded like a disturbing noise (lol) since everything else was (almost) soundless.

This is how the silent reading room looks like from the outside (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

4. It provides a lot of useful workshops

No matter you like writing or not, I think, the ability to write academically is very essential on this level of education. At least, academic writing is needed for the assignments, exams, and degree project. To a larger extent, it is also needed if you want to publish your research.

KI library has many useful workshops regarding academic writing, such as how to find scientific resources, tips to read complex academic texts, how to write clear and effective sentences, etc. The workshops are very helpful, especially for the students who are not used to write scientifically.

Some of the workshops are online. You can join the workshop in a coffee shop or in your cozy apartment (Image courtesy of Harmonazay1 from Pixabay)

5. Academic writing support

KI library provide this service to help the students improve their academic writing, reading and oral presentation skills. The session can be held either in person or online. I contacted the academic writing support once because I wanted to know what I could improve from my writing skill.  I could say that I am quite satisfied with their advice and tips to make my text better.

6. Lunch presentations 

Sometimes lunch presentations are held in KI library. The topics are very diverse, but they are usually related to the research conducted by researchers from KI. I joined these lunch presentations several times. What was interesting for me is that the speakers always present the topic in a way everyone could understand it. I felt like a genius when I listened to the presentations (in fact, the speakers are the genius one as they could explain something complicated in a simple way!). Last but not least, they provide free vegetarian lunch during the presentation. Then you get good knowledge and healthy food at the same time 🙂

The KI library facilities seem cool, aren’t they? Try it once you become a KI student! 🙂

Have any comment, question, or suggestion? Contact me at email (resthie.putri@stud.ki.se) or LinkedIn (Resthie Rachmanta Putri).





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