EIT Health Innovation Day- A participant’s perspective!

Hello all!

Today’s post will be a short recap of the EIT Health Innovation Day that I attended a few weeks ago. I took part this year as a participant and will go through my experience of the event.

What is EIT Health Innovation Day?

This event was organised by KI in conjunction with EIT Health (EIT Health is a network of health innovators trying to come up with new innovative ideas to promote healthy living and lifestyle) Apart from being organised at KI, the event also took place at other universities like Imperial College London, University of Oxford, Evora University and Uppsala University just to name a few!

There were students from their first or second semester of studies and /or from the global masters programmes. This helped create a nice inter-professional working environment and helped incorporate ideas from different fields of study to try and learn how innovation and entrepreneurship can help overcome health challenges thus helping improve healthcare.

What was my experience like?

The event started with inspirational talks by researchers or entrepreneurs who have come up innovative ideas to promote healthy lifestyle or have made a change for the cause. We were then divide into groups of students all from different fields of study. For example, in my group there was a nursing student, a health informatics student and an engineering student. We were supposed to come with an innovative idea to tackle a health related challenge for the elderly.

The challenge was to come up with an innovative idea for: “How might we successfully alter a 50+ year old’s daily routine towards actively preventing dementia or its’ progression?” 

We had part of the afternoon to plan and learn the tools that are usually used to draw up an innovative idea or more so a plan for the idea. This helped us gain skills of Design Thinking and thinking outside the box. After all the groups had an idea, the latter part of the afternoon was spent in those ideas being evaluated by a panel of judges in a pitching contest.

It was really interesting to see all the different ideas people had compared to what my group had. We unfortunately did not win but one of my friends did win who was in the other group.

All in all it was a really interesting day. It helped me learn skills that I did not have such as design thinking but it also made me realise that this sort of work career is not for me.

That’s all for now!

See you around.

Nishi Dave



Cover Photo: EIT Health Innovation Day for Karolinska Institutet- Anneliese Lilienthal CC BY



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