Calling all women contributing to global health in Sweden…!

‘What activities are available to Global Master’s students outside of the classroom?’

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked this question by prospective applicants. I can sympathise with this, as the availability of extra-curricular opportunities was one of the biggest factors in my decision to apply to KI. The good news is that once Global Master’s students (myself included) arrive in Stockholm, they are often spoilt for choice…With Sweden’s role as a leader in global health, as well as the country’s focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, there is no shortage of opportunities.

However, despite making up 70% of the global health workforce, I was shocked to learn that women hold a mere 25% of decision-making roles in top organisations responsible for global health policy. This statistic was particularly worrying to me, as a female student on a global health master’s programme.

With this in mind, I was especially interested to learn about the work of the organisation Women in Global Health, which exists in a number of countries and seeks to understand the root causes of the under-representation of women in senior global health positions. They also seek to address this, by highlighting the existing achievements of women in this field.

I was therefore very excited to learn that a Swedish chapter of Women in Global Health had just been launched. As part of their important work, they are asking everyone who knows:

  1. A Swedish woman working in global health in Sweden or around the world; or

  2. A non-Swedish woman working in global health in Sweden.

To nominate them so that their contribution can be acknowledged! Nominees can be at any stage in their career and can be practitioners, policy makers, advocates, health professionals, researchers or students in the global health field.


This call for nominations got me thinking about my fellow female students’ impressive extracurricular commitments…In my class alone, we have a director of the Swedish Organisation for Global Health, a board member of the Swedish Network for International Health and a student coordinator at the Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation. If that doesn’t convince you of the massive variety of experiences available to KI students, I don’t know what will…

For more information, you can check out the Women in Global Health website:

Please nominate all the women you know contributing to Sweden’s global health agenda today! I know that I definitely have a long list of nominations to make…!

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