🌍 5 ways to help improve Global Health in your daily lives.

Improving Global Health sounds like a momentous task which is best left to people who are knowledgeable in the field. False. Global Health, in fact, has more to do with the ways most of us live our lives, and if we adjust our lifestyles a little bit, we can be instruments of global change. Health is closely linked to our environment. Here are a few ways how to improve health for all:

  1. Mindful about antibiotics use
    Even though these wonderful drugs have changed the world by permitting long and healthful lives, their overuse in the industry and health are the cause of antibiotic resistance in the world. It has been forecasted that antibiotic resistance will be responsible for 10 million lives lost in the future, and will thus be a more important cause of lives lost in the future than cancer. Learn more
  2. Change in consumption patterns
    Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals invites stakeholders in changing their consumption patterns to have less negative impact on the environment. Advocates of sustainable production and consumption not only look at the price label of food but their impact on ecology when consuming.
  3. Be water-wise
    One of the biggest challenges in the world is getting clean water to people. Even though modern infrastructure often allows us to overlook clean water as a privilege, certain areas of the world are still facing a water crisis, as well as the health-consequences liked with poor water quality. So, be mindful of water use. SDGs water.

    Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction~ O. Wilson

  4. Be active in conservation efforts.
    No, it does not mean you have to get out in the forests and stand before an oncoming tractor. It just means you have to support the cause in whatever way you can. Whether it starts with mindful choices about where the items you consume are sourced, to picking up gardening as a hobby or even be informed about how consumption patterns are linked to ecological effects. 10 reasons why conservation matters.
  5. Reduce plastic use.
    Plastic has been the subject of substantial bad press recently, and rightly so. Plastic, even though a versatile material, finds its way into ground and water systems. These will continue to affect our ecosystems for decades to come. Hence, it is important to either switch to biodegradable products or cease purchase of plastic products.

Until the next blog, that’s all folks!
📧 prithviraj.thumaiah@stud.ki.se


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