Things I Didn’t Expect When I Applied to the Toxicology Program at KI: A Freemover

With graduation pictures and celebrations filling up my social media pages, it feels surreal that I will soon join them as a new graduate, even though we don’t need to wear a typical gown for KI’s graduation ceremony.

It is always at the end when you think about the beginning. And when I look back at the last 2 years, there were so many things that caught me off guard. As an international student, you do your due diligence to research on your future. Even so, there were things I didn’t expect that would change my life completely. One of the most recent things that come to mind is our master thesis.

At KI we are given choices of what we want to do and how we want to do our master thesis. For the thesis project, it can be any department inside KI, a company in the professional world in Sweden, a different school all together or even a completely different country. The only requirement was that the project is related to toxicological fields.

For me personally, I decided to go abroad because I wanted to do a project that follows one of my original interests which is to utilize Chinese herbology and apply it to modern day illnesses and research. I am what they call a freemover.

What Is A Freemover?

A freemover is a person who does a thesis project in a no KI partnership university. This means that I have to be on my own from beginning to end. From finding a project, a supervisor, getting accepted and approved to do the thesis to finding my own accommodations, booking flights and counting the time difference to participate in course activities, it was both tricky and exciting to be doing this outside of a guided curriculum. For more details of how to be a free mover, former DA Lauren talks about in the video and also from KI, here.

Exchange Program

If you think freemover is not really what you want, you can choose to study abroad in an exchange program. In my year, the exchange program expands up to 12 universities. But remember, there is “an early deadline for applications”, usually around the 2nd semester, so basically you have to think of your destinated university for your thesis project in your first year then wait for selection and nomination to see if you got in.

Karolinska Institutet

For those of you that just can’t seem to say goodbye to the beautiful Sweden. KI  has a whole range of different field of laboratories and departments to select from. Read Disha’s blog about her experience on how to find a project at KI.


While there are many options that you can choose to finish your master thesis, either of the options mentioned above will be a memorable experience for you because you will always learn something new and discover more about yourself when you are doing your project.


Jennifer Tsai

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