I asked all my Epidemiology classmates what they are doing for their master’s thesis

Thesis time! But what does a master’s thesis in epidemiology at KI look like? Well, here is an overview of what the class of ’18 are doing.

This is an exciting and nerve-wrecking process, and I hope to keep you in the loop throughout! For now, I just want to give you an overview of the projects that the Master’s of Science in Public Health Sciences-Epidemiology class of 2018 are pursuing.

I have categorized the thesis projects based on the background of the students. The titles do not necessarily reflect the final titles, and they are simply to give you a glimpse of the type of topics students are undertaking.

 implies going abroad for thesis project.

The Doctors
We have 6 medical doctors from 4 countries, and their project spans 5 different departments! One of them is even going to Mexico for 4 months!

The nurse and the pharmacists
Within the same medical field, we have 3 pharmacists, and a nurse in our cohort, and each are pursuing topics that are quite current!


The Bio-scientists
Biological sciences include biology, biochemistry, biomedicine, etc…We have diverse public health relevant topics in 5 different departments. We have one going all the way to Australia!


The Public Health Scientists
Last but not least, we have 3 people from a public health background and 2 from a psychology and behavioral psychology background.


As you can see, class of ’18 are doing their thesis in 8 departments, and 2 are going abroad. The topics are very diverse, and this is apparent both within each department and within the same educational background. Wish us luck as we embark on this exciting journey!

Stay tuned!

Nuhamin Petros


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