Review of Infection and Immunity, course 1 in Semester 3!

The end of course 1 in Semester 3 means it’s time for a review! After finishing the exams and successfully passing them (whoop whoop!) I decided to write a blog post giving a review of this course.

Why did I decide to review the course? Well for starters after having studied here for 1 year, I’ve had the chance to experience how different courses are organised and structured. So without further ado, here’s a review coming up.

To begin with the structure of the course I personally felt that it was quite well structured. There were 3 major sub sections: Immunology, Bacteriology and Virology. Each had their own labs and seminars.

The labs were conducted over 2 days usually and were super fun! Especially the bacteriology lab where we got to culture different sorts of bacteria. A lot of the theory knowledge learnt during labs was tested on the exam but also the labs gave a practical guide to what we were learning in lectures. I found that to be quite useful as it helped form a link. The seminars as mentioned were conducted at the end of each sub section, so after 3 weeks of immunology we had a seminar day. For the immunology seminar we mostly had a review session, for the bacteriology one we reviewed the major aspect of bacterial pathogenesis and for virology we were asked to integrate our knowledge of viruses to build a hypothetical super virus.

However, there were a few things that I thought could have been improved. Such as during the labs, gathering lab materials, or scavenging for certain chemical solutions all could have been more organised and thorough. Time was lost as everyone rushed to the common bench to get to the materials and start. But all in all the labs were fun and the lab teachers were also very useful.

Regarding the seminars, I personally thought the bacteriology one was too focused on one particular lecture from the whole section and virology one was also not very focused as it asked us a very generic question. The review session in immunology however did help a lot! All the major points were covered and explained again so it was good revision.

The examination was in two parts with a half time exam after the immunology and bacteriology sections and a final exam at the end of the course. The half time exam was a short exam woth questions from immunology and bacteriology and if you passed you would get 3 points in the final exam. These 3 points truly do make a difference and I was glad I have the exam and passed! The final exam was okay however I felt that the virology section of the exam could have been better structured. Questions with simple answers were worth higher points than they should have. Also, the marking criteria seemed very unusual. Still l waiting for the answer scheme so I find out where and if I went wrong!

In the end, the whole course was quite well structured. There were enough days given to study and it did not feel like the different sections overlapped in terms of lectures. The organisation of the labs and examination could have been a little better but that’s what end of couese review forms are for!

That’s all for now!

See you around.



Cover image by: Y tambe. 13 April 2010. Picture taken from Wikimedia Commons. CC BY SA

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