From Sand to Snow – Moving from Egypt to Sweden

Stockholm Spring captured by Rath Panyowat


Hello! My name is Mariam Abdallah and I’m a first-year student bachelor biomedicine student here at KI. Since I’m going to be apart of the digital ambassador family I think I should tell you a little more about myself. I’m fresh off the high school boat, so the whole experience of going to a university, especially one that is as big as KI, is brand new to me. I did IGCSE’s and A Levels for high school, which as it was its own fair share of work. I like traveling and I did my fair share of it but I’ve never moved to a different city and the whole experience is pretty eye-opening to me.

So, Why Karolinska?

Knowing that the possibility of applying and getting accepted into a university like KI got my stomach in knots. (In a good way, though!) KI has proved so far that it’s an outstanding university and it has amazing opportunities for students who are willing to do the work. I’m not going to babble more about the amazing research and the exciting things that happen in the KI lab (don’t forget the showstopper; the Nobel Prize) because I’m certain that you’ve heard your fair share of all it.

Gamla Stan through Rath Panyowat‘s lens.

What’s so interesting about biomedicine?

If a lot of international people are moving from all over the world just to study biomedicine at KI that must mean that it’s so important, but why?

Well firstly, biomedicine is one of the most versatile degrees! It’s really easy to find the ‘biomedicine perspective’ of whatever you wanna do later in life after your bachelor, you can apply for a lot of master programmes.

Although, for me, it was mostly about knowing more about most of the fields in medicine and how they’re all interconnected and bonded to help maintain human health and provide a better future for everyone. Biomedicine (to me at least) is brand new, it’s a new way to see the world from a different angle; the molecular angle. I believe everyone just wants their world to make sense and my world makes more sense with biomedicine explaining why certain things happen the way they do.

So, what now?

Hopefully, this is going to be the kick-off for three very exciting knowledge-filled years of my life. I’m a complete newbie, but that’s okay! Please tune in for future blogs where I’m going to share my experience, tips, and more exciting information about moving to Stockholm! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions if you have any uncertainties.

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