Did you know? 16 surprising facts you probably didn’t know about Sweden

1. Stockholm is spread across 14 islands, has 96 beaches and is conncted by 57 bridges. So it’s the only European capital that can explored by a Kayak

He’s not as stern as this picture implies

2. The Swedish monarchy is one of the oldest in the world– it has had  a king for more than 1000 years. The current king is Carl XVI Gustaf

3. Abba’s ridiculous stage outfits were actually a tax avoidance scheme– you do not have to pay tax on clothes that are not meant for every day use.

4Swedes are the 6th biggest coffee drinkers in the world- drinking a massive 8.2lbs per year

Only the US doesn’t use Celsius

5. Anders Celcius was a Swedish astronomer who devised the Celsius temperature scale, and the thermometer that made it work.

6. One of the most Swedish things you can do is have tacos on a Friday night.

7. Swedes have an actual word for taking a coffee break-fika. 

8. New parents in Sweden are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave (that’s a whopping 16 months!)

The pacemaker was invented in Sweden

9. Swedish scientist Rune Elmqvist invented the pacemaker in 1958 and the first pacemaker operation took place in Stockholm.

10. The official twitter account of @Sweden is managed each week by a random Swede. 

11. Is is forbidden to name children IKEA in Sweden.

12. Sweden is so good at recycling– it has to import rubbish from other countries.

13. Swedish was not the official language of Sweden until 2009– five other languages  have official national minority language status- Finnish, all Sami dialects, Torne Valley Finnish (Meänkieli), Romani, and Yiddish.

The Scandinavian stereotype not as common as you think

14. Swedish people buy the most blonde hair dye per capita of anywhere else in
Europe (it’s all an illusion people 🙂 )

15. Instead of ‘don’t worry‘- Swedes say ‘ingen ko på isen‘- literally translated this means there’s no cow on the ice. 

16. The three point seatbelt was was developed by Swedish inventor and safety engineer Nils Bohlin in 1959. He immediately made the patent available for all car manufactures- saving millions of lives in the process.


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