My “wow” moments at KI

There is so much research that goes in before we decide on which university to study in. Consequently, there are high expectations. It was the same for me when I decided to pursue master’s studies at Karolinska Institutet. The first year at KI has been great and apart from what I had expected, there have been some bonuses.


International classroom

Surely, I wanted an inter-cultural exposure when I moved abroad for studies. The sheer magnitude at which this has been offered at KI has completely taken me by surprise. There are people from 17 different nationalities in my class. Just being with everyone has been an extremely educating and enjoyable experience.


Teaching methods

It is well known KI is research intensive and the classes will be taught by PIs. One class that completely awed me was during the Frontiers in Translational Medicine course. It was in early November and the weather was extremely bad and the public transportation was in complete chaos. Just when I was completely regretting coming out of my dorm room, we were told that there was a patient demo. It was something very new to us. I really appreciate the volunteer and our professor for taking the effort just so we could understand the disease prognosis better and also know the patient’s perspective.


Nobel Lecture

Attending the Nobel lecture in December was a highlight of the month and a very motivating event. If you do not already know, the Nobel prize for Physiology/ Medicine is selected by the Nobel assembly at Karolinska Institutet and the lecture happens before the award ceremony at Aula Medica. Not everyone can get the chance to enter the lecture due to limited seats. If you want to get in this year, queue up early 🙂



It deserves a special mention because it is such a pretty cottage. Solvik is located in the archipelago and is owned by the student association- Medicinska Föreningen. Plan a class outing here while you are at KI and I can guarantee that you will have the time of your lives.

I have had some great moments at KI and hope you will too. If you have any concerns, please feel free to mail me.

See you soon!


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