List of contents and a Farewell to Anna’s blog

Hello dear readers,

It has been great fun to be a part of Student Blogs from Karolinka Institutet! To finish off my work here with grace, I’m offering you a walk through all my blog posts. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to find information that you’re looking for!

As most KI student bloggers, I started with introducing myself:

I wrote several posts about life at KI, beautiful Stockholm and what there is to do:

I spent a whole blog post expressing my excitement about future Karolinska Institutet:

And devoted quite some time writing about important practical matters:

I did my best to explain what biomedicine is and what we do in our programme:

I found it important to reveal the admission process steps and statistics of my program:

And, finally, wrote a recap on my 3 years at Karolinska Institutet and what I’m doing next:

Studying at KI has been a great experience and I’m sure that I will use the knowledge gained throughout the biomedicine bachelor programme in my future!

With this I’m saying a farewell and wishing you all the best!

Anna Vidina, biomedicine BSc graduate of 2017

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