Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine- Year 1 review

With summer coming to an end (almost) and Year 2 being a month away, I thought it was time for some fika and reflection on Year 1. Hard to get rid of the fika habit despite it being only a year, might I add.

Here’s a quick over view of all the subjects we have studied so far in each semester.

Semester 1

1) Introduction to Biomedicine

This subject was pretty basic covering topics studied in high school such as basic anatomy, or acid-base chemistry. There was some new information but mostly it is a relatively straightforward course. Most of the excitement lies in getting to know your classmates and the thrill of starting university. The new environment may take time to adjust, such as getting lost on the campus, trying not to doze off because you’ve studied this before, or being introduced to the fika concept etc but eventually you’ll get used to it.

2) Organic chemistry

Oh the dreaded organic chemistry. Books were being loaned or bought from the older students because organic chemistry without a book would be terrifying. Almost all lectures were attended religiously by me despite having previous knowledge of it because reviewing in organic chemistry is never going to be harmful. The labs were super fun on the other hand and the deadlines of lab reports and exams coming all together did make one feel like they were at university now. Getting used to the environment like I said.

Christmas Holidays

Whoever said that first year of university is all fun and happiness did not have organic chemistry exam right after Christmas. Almost all conversations with classmates started with “Merry Christmas!” and ended in “But did you finish studying the Claisen reaction?” Despite the stressful Christmas the course ended rather nicely.

Semester 2

3) Biochemistry

Ah, the relief. After a seemingly difficult course came biochemistry. Granted, a lot of biochemical pathways had to be remembered along with enzyme names (not so nice) the course was for me personally more interesting. There was not a lot of lab work involved but that meant more time for memorising the pathways!

4) Genetics and Molecular Biology

This was a considerably long course because we studied genetics first and then the different molecular techniques used in biology. There was a lot of interesting lab work involved. We looked at neuronal cells, conducted cDNA  synthesis and were introduced to working with 3D structures of molecules on the computer. This was a long course and it did get a little tedious but looking back I did learn a lot of new things.


This year had its ups and downs. There were interesting courses and some parts were not so intriguing but it was a good year all in all.

Apart from the studies, I made so many good friends, went for trips like to Turku and Uppsala, got familiar with so many Swedish traditions and made a lot of good memories.

Looking forward to Year 2 and even more fun!

Thats all for now.

See you later!

Nishi Dave


Cover Image by Bruno Pascal, taken from Wikimedia Commons. (CC BY SA)

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