Planning your arrival and first week in Stockholm

Arriving in a new city with a mind full of dreams and hopes is very exciting. There is so much to explore and there are so many new experiences. A bit of planning and getting an idea of what to expect would definitely ease the process.



If you are traveling alone and it’s your first time in Stockholm, you could sign up for the pick-up service offered by KI. Although Bromma airport is the closest to the city center, most of the airlines operate from Arlanda airport and some airlines also operate from Skavsta airport. It is not super tough to navigate on your own from any of the airports to the Stockholm city terminal. The easiest mode would be either the Flygbus (from any airport in Stockholm) or Arlanda express (that operates only from Arlanda airport).

City Terminal would probably be the best station to get to since you could take the public transport to any part of Stockholm from here. But do check if you have alternative routes based on your accommodation. You can plan your journey here.



It is going to be pleasant in August (around 17 degree C). If you are planning to buy your winter clothing here, it is alright. It starts getting cold only from October so there is plenty of time. You would probably need a light jacket and an umbrella for immediate use so carry them along. I had to do away with all my flip-flops. I have seen people wear open slippers in August and September but I could not manage with those. Based on your threshold to cold, you would need a pair of shoes (not necessarily winter shoes).


As soon as you arrive

The first thing I bought was an SL access card. It costs 20 SEK and we can load it with different tickets. It is important to have a pre-loaded card especially if you intend to travel by SL bus since you cannot buy a ticket on board. The cards are sold at the train stations or even at convenience stores.



While there are plenty of options to choose from, keep in mind that the prices of commodities vary between stores. Here’s is a list of stores that are available in almost all the areas and you could compare the prices to plan your budget.


Based on my experiences and comparing with the places I have previously lived in, I felt it is very easy to adapt to Stockholm. There were no barriers at any point in terms of language or ease of access to public transport, interaction with the locals etc. I have had a wonderful first year here and I hope you will too!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

See you soon!

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