Is Sweden a “good” country? Yes, it is currently the best at it. You don’t believe me? Maybe you will believe the rankings.

As I was going through some TedTalks online and doing some fact-checking on Sweden, for procrastination purposes of course, I came across the “Good Country Index” and immediately became intrigued. The Good Country Index tries to measure how much each country on earth contributes to the planet and to the human race, relative to its size (measured in GDP). So it essentially rates countries at how “good” and “nice” they are.

So… Which country is the winner currently? *SPOILER ALERT* It is Sweden! So I thought I should let you guys all in on these amazing facts!

Is this reliable? Who rates the countries?

The ‘Good Country’ idea was created by Simon Anholt, while the Index as a measuring tool was built by Dr Robert Govers. Simon Anholt has worked with the Heads of State and Heads of Government of more than fifty countries over the last twenty years. He has been helping the leaders of countries engage more productively and imaginatively with the rest of the world, in order for their country to have a positive footprint. You can click on the names of the people behind this and read more about them.

So… What do you mean “good” country?

As it says on the website, “good” country is a measure of how much a country contributes to the common good. So in this context “good” means the opposite of “selfish”. I quote from the site: “The Good Country Index isn’t trying to make any moral judgments: it just measures, as objectively as possible, what each country contributes to the common good, and what it takes away, relative to its size. We’ve found that the importance of this is something most people in most cultures can agree on.” What I also found realy important, is that the measurement gets devided per capita per dollar of GDP. That means that smaller and less “privileged” countries are not discriminated against per se, even though we all know it is hard to make advances in fields like Science when there are issues of survival on the table. Anyway, the results for 2016-2018 may surprise you:



Sweden currently runs 1st overall, being the best in also individual categories like prosperity and equality and health and well-being. What might be important to us students of KI, Sweden ranked 3rd globally in contribution in Science and Technology, per capita per dollar of GDP. Also, culture-wise and environmentally friendly-wise, it is pretty high. Lastly, it did not rank as high for international peace, possibly due to its neutral political position, but none of the top 10 countries did that well in this field, either. You are free to draw your own conclusions and check out the information in full length here.

So if you are looking for a country that is safe, where everyone is equal and entitled to healthcare, but also a country that ranks among the best for Science, Sweden might be for you!

Take a few moments and watch the inspiring talk by Simon Anholt himself, down below. The talk is from 2014, when Sweden was 6th (and Ireland 1st), but it is still relevant and awe-inspiring.

For all of us currently in Sweden and for those of you who might be moving here soon: These are the results for 2016 and for 2 years. Sweden is currently the “goodest” country in the world. Let’s keep it that way!

‘Till the next time!

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