Why you should not leave Sweden before the 6th of June every year (hint: it is the Swedish National Day)

On June 6th every year, it is the National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag), a national holiday! Prior to 1983, the day was celebrated as the Swedish Flag Day (Svenska flaggans dag), but it was renamed later on as the national day.

It is a great opportunity to have extra fun in Stockholm or anywhere else in Sweden, because it is a Red day (meaning a bank holiday-no job, yeyy) and basically everyone goes out to celebrate! Parks fill up with people and there are events happening all over the city! The Royal Family makes an appearance in Skansen every year and in lots of other places and the Palace at Gamla Stan (the Old Town) is open for visitors free of charge all day! The Royal Guard is parading in the city centre on horses and people are dressed in colorful traditional wear and wave the swedish flags with joy. What is there not to like about this whole thing?

This year the weather treated us nicely, with 20 degrees Celcius and lots of sunshine, so a picnic or barbecue was in order. Enjoy the pictures of the lovely day below:

Parade by the Royal Guard!
Opera in Haga Park!
BBQ Bliss
Everybody enoying nature!
Ceiling details from the palace
The stunning palace in Gamla Stan
The stunning palace in Gamla Stan
Children’s activities and open market at the palace
Children’s activities and open market at the palace
View from the balcony in the palace
Lady in traditional wear (looks like a minion outfit, right?)
Lady in traditional wear

I find it really important to take part in the activities and celebrations of the city and country that I live in for at least 2 years for my Master’s degree. It really helps me dive into the culture and understand Swedes better, little by little.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and felt like you were a part of it, too!

‘Till the next time!

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Featured Images: Christina Neofytou

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