Summer time in Sweden!

As summer is finally here in Sweden, these past few weeks of sunshine meant a lot of crazy trips and adventures took place. So without further ado, here are 5 things you can do in Sweden in summer!

1) Hiking

There are lots of parks around Stockholm where you can go for a hike or just follow the trail and stroll in the forest like area. You can always pack some food, blankets and set out to enjoy the view and sun. As summer is here you will see a lot Swedes hiking or on the trails with a rucksack. Some good places to go hiking are Tyresta National park or Brunnsviken.


2) Picnics

This is something so easy and student friendly on your budget as well. Get your group of friends together, buy some picnic worthy food and go to a random park or scenic view point like Zinkensdamm to enjoy the sunset and a picnic with friends. My friends and I went to Zinkensdamm one evening and spent our day just sitting in the sun enjoying it’s warmth and of course eating. The sunset was absolutely breathtaking. This is something very nice to do as you get time to bond with your friends and just relax.


3) Sailing

If you’re lucky enough to befriend a Swede with a sailing boat, this is a activity for all those who love hiking, sailing and being out on the waters. Recently a few friends went on a sailing trip where the rooms, kitchen etc was all on the boat! It was like a mini cruise but just for friends. You learn how to dock the boat (it may take 4 tries but oh well) and get to enjoy the view. If you can’t go sailing on a private boat, there’s always the option of cruises or boat rides around the archipelago which are very much worthwhile! The digital ambassadors recently went on a shrimp cruise, where we all enjoyed the end of a year and said our goodbyes for the year.

4) Barbecue

Ah, the aroma that arises on starting a barbecue is one of the few reasons I enjoy summer! (Winter you will always be my favourite) Fresh vegetables, steak and meat, mushrooms and halloumi cheese the options are endless. These past few weeks, calenders have been marked full because of the countless barbecue events lined up! If you take a walk by the lakes or in parks you will see people carrying around mini barbecues and enjoying the sun. My fellow classmates organised an end of the year barbecue and it was absolutely wonderful!

5) Swim in the lake

This activity can be done both during summer and winter if you’re brave enough. However, after a picnic in the sweltering heat a swim in the lake is blissful. Never forget to pack your swimwear, just because you are moving to a cold, Scandinavian country doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to swim!

Obviously, there are a plethora of other things and activities to do. As student wanting to explore Sweden and simultaneously have fun with friends these activities seem most apt. You can always just go out for a walk or just sit in the park, basking in the afternoon sun. Needless to say, Sweden during summer is as beautiful as during winter!

Thats all for now,

See you around!

Nishi Dave

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