Degree Project – MSc in Public Health Sciences (HEPM) – Final tips.

Upon completion of the Degree Project, including defense and opposition seminars, I would like to share some important guidance that will, hopefully, shed more light on the whole process:

  1. Start thinking about your potential master thesis supervisor from the first year.
  2. If possible, chose more than one supervisor to enable a broader perspective and feedback.
  3. Research degree project opportunities provided by KI from the first year. This includes career service events, website, exchange opportunities.
  4. KI advises HEPM students to do a joint Master Thesis, so you might want to start exploring what your classmates’ fields of interest are (might be more applicable for the end of the first year or beginning of the second).
  5. Important: most of the initial plans might easily fall apart, and in the end you might find yourself working on a completely different project from the one you imaged from the start (I myself changed supervisors and the topic 3 times 🙂 ). In this case, don’t loose your energy, dedication and interest. Think of this sort of bumps as a learning opportunity, but my personal advice would be to decide on one final project at least 3 months before the submission deadline.
  6. Final degree project is split into several parts. The following schedule is the one we had in our class of 2015-2017:
    1. First, you submit your thesis proposal and present it in class in November during your second year (no matter how tentative the topic may be).
    2. Second, there is a project plan seminar during which you present your topic in more detail in January.
    3. Next, half-time seminars take place in March. Here the presentation is focused more on the methodology part.
    4. Examination and opposition seminars come to pass in late May.
    5. Ultimately, you submit the final revised version of the thesis work by May 31st. This version is the one to be graded.
  7. Its ok to present different thesis topics during project plan, half-time and final seminars, if the circumstances dictate so.

Wishing you good luck in all your future endeavours on the road to your academic and career goals!

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