Looking Forward to My Master Thesis (Part I)

As the end of my first year in the toxicology program fast approaches, I find myself looking forward to next year and all its challenges. For those of you familiar with the way master programs operate, you would know one of the most important things that is coming my way would be my master thesis. Recently we had a presentation about potential projects that included risk assessment, gene toxicity etc… the range of topics covered by the projects are so vast that I cannot possibly list them all here. This got me thinking, and frankly a little worried, about finding my own topic and how I could narrow down from all the interesting things that the program has covered this year?

Luckily this week us first year toxicology students were invited to attend the second year toxicology students’ master thesis poster mingle. At this event I was able to chat with second year students on their topics and how they arrived to the decision of their master thesis. Of course, this was a social event and I was not an official reporter, so I can only report on what I remember from the event. Below are some second year toxicology students projects:

Yitian Zhou

“Genetic Predisposition and A Novel in vitro Platform for Assessments of Hepatic Drug Metabolism”YZ

KI, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FyFa)
Most interesting part of your project
Genetic predisposition because it is beneficial to human
Most memorable thing during your thesis period
My results got published
Sabina Risen Rimfors

“Prenatal Bisphenol A Exposure and Its Effect on DNA Methylation at Specific Loci in Rat and Human”

Most interesting part of your project
DNA methylation in one specific gene that is associated with neurological disorder
Does your thesis topic effect your future choices?
I have a motivation to pursue PhD
Lucas Millton

“Development and Optimization of in vitro Assays for Prediction of Drug-Induced Nephrotoxicity”

Most interesting part of your project
Development new method in vitro assessment of nephrotoxicity, as before it was hard to test on animals in nephrotoxicity  since they are not predicative
Most memorable thing during your thesis
Getting a good response from the results which are productive to the future of the project
Signe Klinting

In silico Based Modeling of Inhalation Toxicokinetics in Human”

Most Interesting part of your project
Instead of molecular mechanisms, I worked on developing a tool for risk assessment that combine methods that are frequently used in a cohesive workflow to share and optimize and adapt
Did you gain anything personally through your thesis?
Introducing to new method and get more familiar to it. Also to develop my skill in new field
To be continued…


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