Accommodation for Molecular Techniques in Life Science

Find a place to live- the sooner the better! All the info you need to get an accommodation in Stockholm as a future student of Molecular Techniques in Life Science.

It is well known how difficult is to find accommodation in Stockholm, so as soon as you know you will be moving to Sweden next fall you should start looking and applying for housing. My advice is do not to stick to only one of the possibilities I write about here, but rather try as many as possible! Believe me, you don’t want to be freaking out the week before flying to Stockholm because you might me suddenly homeless!


KTH Housing -> non-EU Students

If you come from a non-EU country, you usually have priority for the housing. You can apply both for KTH Housing and KI Housing. Most of my classmates from outside EU/EEA got accomodation through KTH Housing. Have a look at their WebPage, it is quite detailed and you can find out more about how to apply and the available locations.

KTH Housing- Guaranteed period: 11 months

KTH Housing guarantees non-EU students an accommodation for 11 months.

KTH Housing- Application period

Open now and will close on May 31st. Remember, the tuition fee has to have been payed to be able to apply. You will get an answer by the end of June.

KI Housing -> non-EU + EU Students

If you are a non-fee paying student (EU/EEA), you are not eligible for KTH Housing. KI Housing is then your safest option because any incoming international student at working/studying at Karolinska Institutet is eligible. However, there is an order decided by KI Housing where prioritized groups are always offered accommodation first (fee-paying students have priority).

Master students coming from EU-countries can apply for the following accommodation areas: JägargatanKI Residence Flemingsberg (single/double rooms in shared apartments and studios) and Larsberg (studios).

Fee-paying master students can apply for the following accommodation areas: Jägargatan, KI Residence Flemingsberg, Pax and Strix. This group can also apply for studios in KI Residence Flemingsberg and Larsberg.

KI Housing- Rental period

The maximum rental time is one or two years depending on accommodation area.

KI Housing- Application period

The application period does not close, you can always register and apply, but do it as soon as possible, because KI Housing is always very very busy!

About Stockholm University

Stockholm University does not offer any accommodation for students that are not part of an exchange programme. I recommend you, however, to check their WebPage where they give good advices and tips for finding housing on your own.

Pro-tip: Register for SSSB!!! Now!!!

For any nationality, another very important thing to do is to register in the SSSB page. Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder (Stockholm Student Housing) are ones controlling the majority of students housing in Stockholm. Their system works with points, you collect one point every day, and the more points you get, the higher the probability you will get a room/apartment with them. Getting housing from SSSB is very convenient for many reasons:

  • They offer lower rents
  • Good location (close to the city and universities)
  • No limit on rental period (as long as you are studying)
  • In corridor rooms you pay 10 months a year (instead of 12)
  • You get a first hand rental (you rent directly form SSSB), which is, many times, not the case in Stockholm
  • Check out Lappis, the biggest student accommodation area in Stockholm, it’s a mini city full of students!
Lappis Campus, close to Stockholm University

To register in SSSB you do not need to have a Swedish personal number, use your birth date as username. Sometimes it can give problems, i.e. it misses some characters. In that case, just add a capital letter in the beggining and another number in the end (for example, if you were born May 25th 1995, write P9505251)

You should register as soon as possible in order to start accumulating points in their queuing system. The estimate waiting time is 200-300 days.

Best location for accomodation for Molecular Techniques students?

Considering that 2 semesters out of 3 are carried out in SU and KTH Campuses, which are one metro stop apart, it is better to apply for housing in the northeast of Stockholm.

In the map below you can see circled in red the three universities, which, fortunately are all in northern Stockholm! In blue I marked Lappis Campus, which is the biggest student accomodation area in Stockholm. Inside KTH Campus there are also student accomodation. That locations is even better! Other good locations are:

  • KI Housing: Jägargatan, Pax, Strix
  • KTH Housing: Lappis, Bergshamra, Kista


Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question!


Linkedin: Carolina Savatier-Dupré Bañares

Facebook: Carolina Savatier

Instagram: Carolina Savatier-Dupré Bañare

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