Molecular Biology and Genetics- Part 2 (Module Review)

Hej Hej!

Having just finished our last two modules for Part 2 of the the cell biology and genetics course and here’s the review for it. This means being one step closer to summer break! Obviously that’s after the final final exam but summer is definitely around the corner.

The last two modules of the course were Bioinformatics and structural biology. Both these modules had a week of computer lab work.

Module 3- Bioinformatics

In this module you essentially learn how to use different software tools to analyse the structure and obtain complex biological data of the biomolecule. Nucleotides and candidate genes can be identified using computer science. There are many databases such as UniProt, Pfam etc. We used the databases BLAST and Medline to analyse the CFTR gene and analysed it’s sequence. It was moderately difficult as learning how to use the databases was tedious but fun otherwise as we worked in pairs.

Module 4- Structural Biology

This was the last module of the whole course. This lab was a little more fun as we used a programme called RasMol to use the 3D structure of a protein and analyse it’s secondary structures, protein domains etc. Again learning how to navigate and use the programme took some time but again it is not very difficult. We analysed proteins. We used database like PDB (protein data bank) and analysed for exmaple the c-peptide of ribonuclease A.

Overall the labs were long and tedious and start but they were good. Some questions from the modules do show up in the final exam and it is essential to pass the modules in order to progress to the final exam so completing these modules was necessary.

That’s all for now!

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Featured Image: CC BY SA- Matt Howard

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