(More) ideas for earning money in Stockholm without speaking Swedish

If you’re heading to Stockholm this Autumn, you might be wondering if you can find a job to support your studies. And you probably know, if you don’t speak Swedish, it is difficult. But not impossible!!

These student blogs are a good resources for ideas about student jobs: you can read Leire’s or Anna’s blog for some great options.

It might be hard to find a ‘typical’ student job in bar, cafe or even as delivery driver (my classmate actually tried this-  you even need Swedish for non speaking roles!!)

Remember you shouldn’t count on getting a job to fund you’re studies. But if you fancy a bit of pocket money here are a few more tips for earning that ca$h 🙂

  1. Use your language skills

So you don’t speak Swedish but you are an expert in your native tongue. You should look for companies where this is a valuable skill. For example, if you are German speaking, you could look for German companies that operate in Sweden or Swedish companies with a lot of German customers. Alternatively, you could look for companies that want to expand in your home country. Lots of European companies want to expand in Asia particularly China. For these, your local knowledge and language skills will be invaluable.

2. Look at student organisations

It seems a no-brainer that if you want a student job you should look to student organisations! Stockholm has a plethora of student societies for every kind of interest. Granted most of these roles will be on a voluntary basis, to enrich your student experience ect. ect. However some organisations offer small student jobs.

SSES will pay you to represent their organisation as a student ambasador or you can become a course assistant for their evening classes.

Global Friends, the international student association for MF (KI’s student union) is also a good place to look. They won’t pay you but if you get involved with their activities, you get to attend for free! NB Global friends organise everything; from trips to old town to cruises in the Baltics.

3. Work for KI

KI is an international university so when they have ad hoc jobs, you have a good shot that they will be in English. You will get paid a small wage to represent your course as a student ambassador (and of course being a Digital Ambassador is a pretty good deal 🙂 ). Occasionally departments have market research or data collection jobs that need doing. You should enquire with your programme director about these roles. Maybe you will get lucky!

4. Work during the summer.

Did you know that Swedes love their summer holidays? In fact, they are guaranteed four weeks holiday in a row. This means that the city kind of shuts down during the summer months.

However this is the perfect opportunity for students who are flexible and can work short term contracts. If you can, come to Stockholm early, you might have some luck finding a job before you start. However you should find it quite easy to find a summer job at the end of your first year with half a Master’s from KI and your own network.

5. Much more Babysitting

Leire has already told you about babysitting opportunities with Kids Connection. Just to repeat: ‘Stockholm can never have too many English speaking babysitters’. The Swedes like to teach their kids english as early as possible!

I work for Upgrades and you call also see Aupair.com.

Good luck job hunting!

As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions x

Email: rosa.willock@stud.kie.se

Facebook: Rosa Willock

Linkdin: Rosa Willock


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