When should you arrive in Stockholm?

Hello! It is time to start planning your arrival in Stockholm. The semester officially begins on 28th of August and I would recommend you arrive a few days (maybe even a week) prior.


1. Enjoy the Swedish summer

Even though it’s technically not summer in August, the days are quite long and it is also warm enough to be able to sit outside. Make the most of the sunlight while it lasts and get to know Stockholm better. Explore the city and pick your favorite spots.

My favorite view of Stockholm


2. Trip to IKEA

Most of you would probably get a fully furnished accommodation. That should never be the reason to not make a (or many) trips to IKEA. You would want to make your room cozy or buy kitchen utensils. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you just have to visit the biggest IKEA in Sweden. I would even dare to say that it is super important to make this trip as a part of integrating into the Swedish culture! It is always good to plan your trip on the weekdays since there is a free shuttle from Vasagatan and this is the most convenient and the quickest way to get there (It does not operate on weekends).

I can never get out of here without unnecessarily visiting all the sections!


3. Bond with your future classmates

You will receive information about different ways to get in touch with your future classmates via the newsletter and also our Facebook page. Reach out to them and start talking. You could even plan to meet some of them before the introduction week if you get here earlier and explore the city with them.

Making the most of the sunlight while it lasts!


4. Accommodation hunt 

If you have not been able to find an accommodation, you can always hunt for houses once you get here. Although this is not highly recommended, if you are not left with any other choice, arrive a few weeks earlier and ensure you get to see the house/ room before paying.


5. Swedish Language Course

KI offers an intensive Swedish course and this is a great ice breaker. You would meet not only your future classmates but also students in other master’s programs.

At the end of the Swedish course


If it is your first time in Stockholm or feel you would benefit from some guidance, do sign up for the pick-up service offered by KI. A student representative will help you reach your accommodation when you arrive.

Once the semester begins, you would get into a whirlwind of classes and activities. So make the most out of the lull before the storm. Stockholm is probably going to be your home for the next two years so use the first few days to just get comfortable 🙂

Always remember that you would get all the help you need from KI. If you have any questions, feel free to drop an e-mail.

See you soon!


Featured image: by Katharina Koetter

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