My Life in Lidingö (and why I have decided to look forward to all four seasons in Sweden)

Hej Guys

Since I’m nearly half way (yikes) through my Master’s programme, I want to share my two favourite things about living in Stockholm; awe inspiring nature round the corner and the public amenities (stuff just works here)

I think these things are nicely represented by the island where I live, Lidingö. Lidingö is the ‘family friendly’ area of Stockholm, about 5km from the city centre. I live with a Swedish family and two lovely German flatmates.  Actually KI Housing has accommodation in Larsberg, so some of you may end up living here too!

I hope you enjoy these insights into my life here 🙂

Autumn in Lidingö

Autumn in Sweden is pretty short.  I think only September and October are classed as Autumn months before Winter officially sets in. Autumn in Lidingö was beautiful- and so colourful! The island has two nature reserves and lots of forest. My favourite thing about Sweden is that you can be lost in nature within 20 minutes of leaving the city. I literally have a forest in my back garden (and I have been lost in it many times :)).

The forests mean that everything is covered in leaves. Like most students do, I moved here in September, so the Autumn is the perfect way to get aquatinted with your new classmates and the Swedish custom of coziness: cue home cooked dinner with friends, fluffy socks and hot fika!

Although, I have learnt that there is no guarantee of weather according to month. In October, there was a freak snow storm (the most snow in Stockholm for 111 years).

FYI All of these photos were taken in the Autumn! 🙂

Autumn leaves in September
My morning commute in early October
The path outside my house that day
Typical Swedish style houses in late September
View from the bridge into Lidingö in September


Winter in Lidingö

Most people think Winter when they think Sweden. And it’s true, the winter is long (November until March) and the outside air does hurt your face but the winter brings good things too! Swedes love their Winter sports and in Lidingö, the Kottlasjöns lake system freezes over providing lots of opportunities to skate, sledge (or fall) on a huge frozen lake. It was my favourite thing I have done in Sweden. I have never skated on a natural lake before and it was beautiful whilst quite terrifying.

If the nerves do get the best of you, Lidingö also has a free ice skating rink for hockey and a cross country ski track (literally 10 seconds from my house!)


winter 8
My flatmates and I on Lake Kottlasjön
The Lake behind my house in March

Spring in Lidingö

I’m very excited that Spring has finally come! Well, it’s starting to come. Full disclosure, Spring weather is even more temperamental than Autumn (it was 20 degrees last week and it snowed today). But the cherry blossoms are out on Kungsträdgården and we are apprehensibly planning outdoor picnics. I’m looking forward to some sunshine. When you first come to Sweden, everyone tells you how beautiful it is in the spring and I feel like I have been waiting forever to experience it myself.

The spring is beautiful and the Swedish system makes it so easy to spend time outside.  In Lidingö there are a huge number of hiking and cycling routes throughout the island. There are loads of outside gyms free of charge.  We have three outdoor gyms and one military training camp within walking distance. In fact, Lidingö is known as the healthy island and hosts the Lidingöloppet, the largest cross country race in the world.

Of course, its also fun to just sit in the park with a kanelbulle and enjoy the view.

And we have deer in our back garden 🙂

autmn 6
Spring sunset over the Lidingöbana
Cyclist lining up for Stockholm’s largest mountain bike race around Lidingö

Summer in Lidingö

I’ve not experienced the summer yet but I’ve heard you can go Paddleboarding across the archipelago….which sounds awesome 🙂


PS Lidingö is also home to the renowned Carl Malmsten School of Furniture. I assume to ensure the next generation of IKEA furniture designers are as good as the last!


All photo credit to my lovely classmate Tzeni Karamanli. You should follow her instagram for more Swedish pics.

As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions x


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2 thoughts on “My Life in Lidingö (and why I have decided to look forward to all four seasons in Sweden)

  1. Hi! Very nice post and nice pictures of Lidingö 🙂 I was just wondering about the last picture, why does it say “Linköping universitet” if you said it’s in Lidingö?

    1. Thanks Claudia…The furniture school is part of Linköping Universitet but the campus is based in Lidingö 🙂

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