SSES Campus Fellowship Program – week 1

If you have a business idea you want to bring from ideation to execution stage, SSES Campus Fellowship program is your solution. All Karolinska Institutet students can enrol in the program. The application process is simple, yet requires some preparation. Interview is the main step, during which you have a chance to explain your idea in detail and clarify how y SSES Fellowship can be of help. The Fellowship is considered to be an extra-curricular program and can be aligned with the main studies at KI.

As a fellow, you are entitled to group and coaching sessions with coaches and industry experts, which are tailor made for individual stage of development and needs. A working space and an access to SSES workshops and seminars are also provided as a part of the program  – all of which bring you a step closer to getting your idea into the market. The idea can belong to any sector. One of the most important attributes are feasibility, innovation, and scalability.

During the Program entrepreneurs develop, reflect and iterate their ideas together with our advisory team as well as a personal mentor, with tailored business coaching throughout the 12 weeks. The program also offers skills-training, both on an individual and group level – Link:

During the first week, we have already had an informative session with a Harvard professor, a workshop with a business coach, and scheduled individual coaching sessions to further develop the idea and outline fellowship milestones.

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