Biomedicine Master’s goes on a hiking trip to Tyresta National Park (Vlog)

When you are invited to a hike in the National Park of the country of “Allemansrätten”(the right for all people to travel across land in the countryside, to temporarily camp there and pick berries, mushrooms etc) you say YES and go for it! Swedes love nature and outdoor activities, when the weather allows it, so you bet ya it will be awesome.

Tyresta National Park lies only 20 km away from the centre of Stockholm and is accessible by public transport, with your SL access card (for metro and buses), for no extra costs. Here are the coordinates for the main entrance, to put directly in Google Maps: 59° 10′ 12″ N ,  18° 14′ 08” O

Tyresta is currently one of the most “unspoilt” areas of natural beauty in central Sweden, with a rift valley, which is typical for Sweden, but quite unique in an international perspective, depending on where you come from. The park is almost 5,000 hectares. You can see forest with 400 years old pine trees, clear lakes and many plants and animals.

There are several hiking routes that are recommended: the Primeval Forest Trail (Urskogsstigen), is only 2.5 kilometres long and provides the perfect introduction to Tyresta National Park for hiking beginners (like me). You can have a picnic or even camp, while firewood is available for use at suitable sites to cook, too!

Watch the video of that day to understand if a trip like ours is your cup of tea:

Read more about Tyresta national park and organise your trip here.

‘Till the next time!

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Special thanks to George-Alkis Zisiadis for helping me shoot and edit the vlog!

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