All you need to know about the Biomedicine master’s program

Biomedicine is an extremely broad field of science. I can think of atleast 10 subjects you could specialize in as a biomedical researcher! As much as we want to learn about everything under the Sun, there are certain limitations and we must begin to narrow down our scope a bit.

The Biomedicine Master’s program is designed to equip us with all the technical and soft skills needed to conduct research.

  1. Experiment on rodents – the course on laboratory animal science will provide us with the required training and certification.
  2. Understanding vast data – the Bioinformatics course will guide us to the different programs available to do so.
  3. Data analysis – this is completely taught during the Biostatistics course.
  4. Presenting your data – There are four courses in communication skills just to help us improve our written and oral communication skills.

But what kind of experiments do you want to perform? What data should you generate/ analyze? What should you present?

This is completely upto you to decide!

In my case, I knew the area of research I wanted to specialize in much before I applied for the program and choosing electives or applying for projects was not tough. It could be different if you are already confused. The best way to begin testing if you really like a subject is the Junior Research Project. The objective is to learn a new methodology and while you are at it, you might as well test the choices of subjects you have made.

You would also get some ideas during the first semester regarding the different subjects. However, do not rely on this too much to make your final decision. Use it only to pique your interests and read alot more than what is taught before picking “your area of research”. There is a chance to pick an elective in the later semesters and this is the first step to tailor the program to your needs.

The three projects also provide a very good opportunity to start specializing in a particular subject. If you still cannot decide, pick completely different projects. Although this might not seem to provide you with a focused CV, it will definitely broaden your skill set. More importantly, you will get to choose your area of research wisely (which is super important if you decide to pursue doctoral studies).

It is good to have some ideas and work towards it during the program. You can always approach professors or other students for guidance. It is important to be proactive and gather as much information as you can.

The biomedicine master’s program will ensure you have the skills to conduct research in whichever area you pick. But remember, it is not going to make the choice for you!

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