Practical Placement One

This month I received my Practical Placement One (PP1) assignment.  I’m very happy to be going to SwedenBio with my lovely classmate Bing Wu.

Master’s of Bioentrepreneurship students have three placements during the programme. You can read Dina’s post about how they are structured.

We start our placement on April 22nd, so we were told quite late in the game (FYI KI Policy is to release course schedules up to 2 weeks before the start date so you usually find out quite late). I have to admit waiting for my assignment was a bit nerve racking!!

I was due to travel on the day the placements were announced. Emails were sent out one by one, which (as you can no doubt imagine) did nothing to soothe my aforementioned nerves!  I was literally glued to my phone as I was due to be offline for 24 hours. Luckily I got my assignment about 10 minutes before I had to board my flight. Such a relief! I imagine it wouldn’t have taken long for me to become a problem passenger at 30,000 ft if I didn’t know!

Practical Placement

Practical Placement One is a 5 week placement during the first year of the Master’s in Bioentrepreneurship. Although you don’t get to choose, you can submit your preference regarding size of company or type of project, and the course director tries to match to what is available.  However there is no guarantee you will get your preference as it depends on the type of project UBE has lined up.

UBE has a few strategic relationships with larger companies that take PP1 students every year however due to the limited time, the majority of PP1 placements are with start ups or SMEs.

Most of us are working in pairs for PP1, one project has four students and a few classmates will be working on their tod (alone 🙂 )

Great things about PP1

  • We get ‘real life’ working experience.
  • We get to increase our understanding of the life science industry in context.
  • We have the chance to build our networks.
  • We can do all of the above in a low pressure student environment.

(Not so) Great things about PP1

  • Five weeks doesn’t feel like much time to get to stuck into your project.
  • We don’t get to choose what project/company or industry we are going to work on.

PP1 Class of 2017

PP1 Table

As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions x

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