Accepted into KI. What next? (for non-EU students)

First of all congratulations on the admission šŸ™‚ You are REALLY coming to KI next term. It’s now time to start preparing and as a non-EU student, the process is a bit longer. I hope this blog would help you in getting things under control.


What should you do

  • E-mail

Check your email and check it again. You are going to receive emails regarding your admissions and some emails might also need a response. So ensure that you check your email and if you are not receiving any newsletters, check your spam filters.

  • Apply for KI Housing

If you have not done so already and if you want a place to stay in, apply right now for KI housing. You would need a copy of the admission letter you have downloaded from university admissions. As a master’s student, you are mostly allocated the dorm rooms so apply to as many areas as you can. Also remember that you might not always be allocated your most preferred room. Even if you end up in a place a bit far away from the campus, don’t worry since the public transportation in Stockholm is extremely good and all the places are very well connected.

  • Pay the first installment of tuition fee

As soon as you have accepted the offer in the admissions portal, it is time to start sorting out your finances. The results of the scholarships offered by Swedish Institute and KI will be out soon and the fee payment procedures will be stated in that for those of you who have received a scholarship. For the rest of you, the invoice will be sent out by KI along with details regarding the payment terms etc.

  • Apply for residence permit

The waiting times for residence permit is long and I would highly recommend you to apply for it as soon as you have sorted out your finances. Check the document requirements in the website and start preparing those in parallel. You can apply for the residence permit only after you have paid the tuition fee. Ensure that you submit all the documents correctly. If there is clarity required or if something is missing, the migrations office will get back to you and this will only lengthen the process.Ā Again, if you receive the Swedish Institute scholarship, most of the documents you need will be provided along with your scholarship offer.


What you shouldn’t worry about?

  • The waiting time

Once you have applied for housing and visa, all you can do is wait. The summer break in Sweden is during June-July andĀ things are a bit slow. There is nothing to worry about. You will receive an accommodation offer a month before your arrival. All the fee paying students are guaranteed housing for the first year so just sit back and relax.

While you await the decision for the residence permit, you can also go to the embassy to give your biometric data. This can be done after receiving the decision as well but there is a possibility that the waiting time is longer than you expect. And once you receive the decision regarding your visa, it takes some time for the residence permit card to be made and sent across to you. The card will be prepared only once they have your biometric data so this process could be hastened a bit if they already have your data when they send out the decision. Do check this with the embassy in your country. The rules could be different.

  • Insurance

It is mandatory to have insurance and also provide proof of the same when you apply for residence permit. If you are a fee paying student, KI will also cover your insurance. For the Swedish Institute scholarship recipients, the insurance letter is provided along with your offer letter.

  • Climate

If you are new to the cold climate, then it is imperative that you are prepared for it. But do not be very perturbed by it. There is nothing appropriate clothing can’t handle.Ā Invest in some good quality winter clothing and you are all set to go!


What to do while you wait?

  • Learn Swedish

Maybe a few everyday words and greetings just to get the feel of the language. Read Rosa’s guideĀ to get more ideas.

  • Get to know the Swedish culture and get in touch with your future classmates

This would help you integrate faster when you get here.


See you soon at KI and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me šŸ™‚




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