Is Sweden expensive?

Sweden has a reputation for being an expensive place! When you tell people you are planning to move here, it usually takes about a minute before someone asks…….Wait isn’t it super expensive in Sweden??? And it’s kind of true. When I came here as a tourist I was utterly shocked that a bog standard pizza costs €20 in a restaurant.

But is Sweden really that expensive to live in?

According to online consumer price database, Numbeo: the answer is yes, but not for everything. In fact Sweden doesn’t even make their top 10!

Actually it ranks as 17th on the cost of living index globally. Bermuda is number one,  closely followed by Sweden’s  Scandinavian neighbours; Iceland (3rd), Norway (4th) and Denmark (9th).

Numbeo is a database which collects data contributed by users on costs and prices around the world. For Sweden, although consumer prices and groceries are considerably more expensive than the norm, rent and public transport are lower. This is due to highly regulated rents and subsided public transport systems.

Cost of Living in Stockholm 2017

FYI SEK 10 ≈ EUR 1


You might find that Sweden is actually cheaper than your home country! Take a look at these recent comparisons……

Cost of living in Stockholm is 19% cheaper than in London

Cost of living in Stockholm is 31% cheaper than in New York

Cost of living in Stockholm is 30% more expensive than in Shanghai

Cost of living in Stockholm is 25% more expensive than in Berlin

Cost of living in Stockholm is 20% cheaper than in Oslo

Cost of living in Stockholm is 184% more expensive than in Kiev

If you are planning to move to Stockhom for the Autumn Semester, hopefully this will give you some idea of just how expensive Sweden can be compared to what your used to at home.

Living Costs and Budgeting

Your own living costs will vary a lot from person to person. Its important to remember that KI doesn’t offer any support to students covering their living costs. I took a weekend job (yep- worked a seven day week for 18 months but it feels worth it now I’m here!) and lots of classmates have grants or support from their home countries. KI has a really useful page on feasible monthly budgets. You can read it here and or you can check out the experience of our lovely Digital Ambassadors. Disha, Sofia, Andrew and Kazem have all written about living costs in Sweden.

As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions x


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  1. Please guide me for masters pharmacy ,for my daughter I think to choose, but I have no idea May I capable or not because I don’t know yearly expenses there,

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