SUP 46 and why even introverts will enjoy networking in Sweden.

What do a dating site, a virtual doctor and a wifi sharing app have in common???

They were all formed at SUP 46- a big start up hub in Stockholm.  If  your planning on coming to Stockholm you probably already know Stockholm is recognised as one of the hottest start ups in Europe. If not, you can read this blog or look at this awesome infographic.

SUP 46

SUP 46 is one of the many start up hubs in Stockholm. They provide office and creative space for start up companies focusing within Internet, mobile, media and gaming but there are several digital health companies too.

SUP 46 runs a meet up on the last Friday of every month called Happy Hours. Essentially a networking event that is also loads of fun. Each month is sponsored by a venture capitalist or other interested party.

Health Related Start ups from SUP

The field of digital health is rapidly expanding so it makes sense that a start up hub focusing on IT has a few healthcare related companies under it’s belt.

You might recognise Natural Cycles, the fertility tracking app, who started life at SUP 46 before expanding. They currently have a Bioentrepreneurship alum as their regulatory affairs manager. Currently SUP 46 hosts:

Doctrin: a B2B system provider to healthcare providers, helping our customers digitalise their patient visits.

Pond Healthcare Innovation: launched Air Smart. The first ultra portable spirometer connected to a smartphone that lets you measure your lung health in seconds

Optolexia: Optolexia offers a completely new method for dyslexia screening, enabling early, rapid, reliable and objective identification of children in risk of dyslexia.

Why should students care about SUP 46?

In Sweden it seems people talk about networking constantly. And I know many people’s immediate response to a room full of strangers is one of panic and fear. But like it or not, networking is a bit inevitable especially for Bioentrepreneurs when you are responsible for your own practical placement and Master’s thesis.

Even if you are not interested in the start up scene, these low key events are well worth going to to grow your network. You never know who you might meet and these events are a major benefit of living in a big start up city like Stockholm.

And forget the idea of pitching yourself to a room full of people in suits. Sweden’s networking style is very relaxed. It’s so important in Scandinavia to get face to face time with people to develop your relationships. And the added benefit of Stockholm’s life science industry is that is it relatively quite small so its easy to get out there and grow your network.


As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions x


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