Wanna go Skiing in Sweden? Well i went to Åre Ski Resort, somewhere way up north.

8 hours and 35 min. That’s how long it took for us to hit the E4 road from Stockholm, stop at a Pizza Hut in a town i’ve never heard of before to finally reach our final destination: Åre! It is one of the leading scandinavian ski resorts right now and as a swede myself i found myself surprised i’ve never visited this place before!

IMG_3325.JPGThe whole trip was planned and paid for in November where we booked all our ski passes, rented ski equipment and booked an apartment with 8 beds in the middle of Åre town. It’s good to book way in advance since everything was more or less already sold out back then and we had to pay a bit more than necessary for the apartment.

We spent our trip in Åre during Spring break (end of February), one of the busiest holidays in Sweden for ski resorts! Lots of families, tourists and the lifts are packed with people trying to reach their favorite slope of the day!


We went on a cable car called “Åre Kabinbana” which takes you up 1274 metres above sea level with tens of kilometers view of the beautiful mountains and lakes surrounding you. The cable car makes mount Åreskutan the easiest high mountain to access in Sweden!

Here we are on the top of the mountain!


So how was Åre? Did i like it?  Yes.i.did.

Let me just say that this place was the definition of Winter Wonderland. I cannot describe how mesmerized i was by the view and its nature! Especially when the sun was shining with a clear blue sky –  it felt like life was perfect.


In the evenings, there were lots of after ski pubs, restaurants, clubs open with young adults running around making this little town a little too noisy than it should be after 3 am(!!).


The trip ended with taking a walk on the lake Åresjön before heading back to Stockholm again ! And yes there are racer cars behind me racing on the lake.


P.S All pictures are taken by me with an iPhone 6S.

Massa Kramar!


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