Volunteering for a non-profit working group in Stockholm – a KI student experience

180Degree Consulting is a Stockholm branch of a non-profit network working closely with businesses and NGOs to enhance their social impact. This year my classmate from Master’s in Public Health Sciences HEPM track, Rabiah al Adawiyah, is working as a consultant for this non-profit venture. She was very kind to share her current experiences, and I am happy to present the excerpts from our discussion to you below 🙂

Q1: Why did you apply for this position?

R(Rabiah): I saw the advertisement and got curious about the work of the organisation [180Degree Consulting], therefore I went to their website and read thoroughly about the work they have done. I was impressed by the work and the initiatives, and I saw it as a great opportunity and a step towards a consulting career. So, why not try something new?:)

Q2: What sort of projects are you working on during this consulting experience?

R: I am working with enterprises and NGOs that mainly focus on addressing social problems. Me and my colleagues are working in a team and are developing a business model or a framework of solutions depending on the problem that the organisation in question is faced with. That is mainly on increasing their social impact and sustainability.

Q3. How does this practice boost your academic or professional experience?

R: 180Degree Consulting recruits students to work pro-bono, but they offer a real-life experience working with enterprises, provide leadership and teambuilding training, mentorship with various expert in the field. I think these opportunities really widen my perspective, enhance my activity-based network, and thus is a good step for my consulting career.

Q4: In which context and scope, if any, does this experience relate to your current Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences HEPM track at KI?

R: HEPM is a broad programme. It covers a variety of topics and as an independent learner you have a right and a responsibility to choose your own specialty. HEPM is really good in providing a basic tool which enables a student to pursue many sectors in cross-cutting fields. However, this also depends much on how you personally, as the decision maker of your own life, decide which path you want to take.

FB link to the organisation: https://www.facebook.com/180DCStockholm/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf

Be the “decision-maker of your own life”! 🙂

Best, Adina

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