Things I will (not) miss from Sweden

It’s been a few weeks since I left Sweden and I’ve started to realize that there are some things I’m already missing, and some that I could easily live without. I’ll try to explain…


I will definitely not miss the dark and cold Swedish winter (especially when I’m sunbathing in beautiful beaches along the Pacific). But there is something truly beautiful in Swedish spring-early summer days; watching the days grow longer and how the people become happier and start invading every lake and park with their grills. If you are lucky enough to experience a Swedish summer, along with its many celebrations, you’ll see it is just beautiful!



I have previously complained about Swedes, but the truth is that I will really miss them. They are so polite, handsome, organized, respectful…and have I said handsome already? Not to mention how much I’ll miss my expats family! One of the best things of studying abroad is meeting people from all over the world, and they will become a huge and very important part of your experience!


How cute is it that Swedes queue for EVERYTHING? Even bus stops! Coming from Spain and with a reputation of being messy (which I certainly fulfil the criteria for) I get desperate whenever they start to line up. But I’m sure that I’ll miss the order after a couple of months in South America.



Is Swedish food even a thing? That was my first thought when I arrived to Sweden, and I discovered that you can make a lot of great dishes out of potatoes and shrimps. And let’s not forget meatballs! Also, Swedes are really good at baked goods and they even have specifics for each month. Moreover, the food scene in Stockholm is pretty great. However, I won’t miss the pretty expensive prices…


Won’t miss it, even though it has given me many great stories of Saturdays at 2:45 p.m. running through the metro to get supplies for the weekend’s parties and sometimes left me alcohol-free for the whole weekend (my liver would appreciate it in a few years). It will be very nice to be able to buy wine at the supermarket any day of the week. And once again, I will certainly not miss the prices!

University life

Karolinska is a pretty cool place to study. Probably what I like the most is that even though is quite big, you can get to know pretty much every student, especially at the master’s level, after one semester there. And the many parties and social activities organized by the different committees help a lot in this task! There is always something going on around campus, and what a beautiful campus, right? However, most of my friends studying at a master’s level in different countries have relatively short schedules and a lot of free time, while at KI you should expect a 9:00 to 16:00 schedule for most of your subjects, but we are here to learn!!


Featured image: Ola Ericson/

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