The lazy way to prepare for your studies in Sweden (or at least without leaving the house)

There are lots of practical ways to prepare for your studies in Sweden. You can check out the extensive arrival guides from KI and read about life here in Sweden. In fact you should probably be out right now buying warm clothes, sorting your visa or getting on the Duolingo ..but I think exposing yourself to all things Swedish is at least as important as those practical things.

So if you don’t feel like being organised just yet, here are some suggestions for soaking up the Swedish culture without leaving your house (or even getting off your sofa)


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: These Stieg Larsson novels are synonymous with the ever popular Swedish crime genre so if you haven’t read them yet, you really should.  Camilla Lackberg and Henning Mankell are also popular crime writers you can check out.

100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window: If you’re worried that gripping page turners full of crime and espionage might put you off this beautiful country you can try this funny read about a man who accidently misses his hundredth birthday. The author Gustafsson has been called the ‘funniest man in Sweden’ so it’s also a good way to pick up on the Swedish sense of humour.

Pippi Longstocking: Most people are familiar with Astrid Lindgren’s story of a superstrong girl with a pet monkey and suitcase full of gold. But did you know the character was Swedish? You can find plenty of reminders in tourist shops and book stores throughout Stockholm.


The Bridge: Probably the most internationally recognisable example of Nordic Noir drama.  The Bridge is a gritty murder mystery series which starts when half a body is found on the Øresund Bridge that connects Malmö and Copenhagen……

Welcome to Sweden: This one is much more lighthearted. Welcome to Sweden tells the story of a New York accountant who moves here to live with his girlfriend Emma. Think lots of jokes poking fun at Swedish stereotypes and the chance to practise your language as Emma’s family insist of speaking their native tongue (with subtitles though don’t worry!)

As It Is in Heaven: The story of a successful conductor, who returns to his childhood village, to find some peace of mind after suffering a near-fatal heart attack.

Force Majeure: About a couple’s disintegrating relationship after an avalanche.


The Stockholmer Podcast: Super intresting stories of inspiring and innovative people from Stockholm’s startup, design, food, culture and health scenes. All episodes are in English and usually just 10 minutes long.

Let me know any other books/tv/movies you think deserve a recommendation!.

Take Care x


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