Why you should join a mentorship programme at KI – The Future Network 2017

Being in the University provides a feeling of safety and sometimes I get confused and stressed when I am thinking about the future, when the Master’s Programme will be over and we will have to go out to the “real work field”. That is why I could use a mentor, someone who has gone through all the loops and hoops and has succeeded in our field. Thankfully, Karolinka Institutet can provide you with one!

I applied for the Future Network 2017 (Framtidsnätet) in the beginning of last December. This programme is student-driven and they try to match your profile and your preferences with a corresponding mentor – inside of outside KI.

Framtidsnätet is a one-year mentorship programme, with the objective to help students define their career goals, widen (or establish) their professional network and provide them with a great opportunity for personal development.

 How does it work?

After you receive an e-mail with your “matching”, you will also receive an invitation to attend a mingling event. Mentors and mentees meet for the first time. You do not only meet your own mentor, but all the mentors that were able to attend the event! The mentor-year then includes two more meetings during which you have the opportunity to meet all the participants in the program, to share your experiences and to influence the future of Framtidsnätet. Of course, you and your mentor decide together how often you want meet and if you want to continue contacting each other after the completion of the programme.

What is expected from me as a mentee?

You must have meetings with your mentor who will share his/her experience from working in the life sciences and research. Your biggest responsibility will be to ask the right questions and gain as much as possible from the programme.

So, what will I gain from the experience?

The chance to:

  • Network, which is very important for the future
  • Meet an experienced person within the field you are interested for a future job
  • Ask all the questions you have about career paths – learn more career options
  • Get more motivated to improve your career opportunities
  • Have a person to consult for future goals

It has only been a week since I met my mentor for the year and we already have exchanged many e-mails and set lots of goals for this period. I will keep you posted on my progress 😉

‘Till the next time!

KI Instagram Ambassador: follow @kistudents

How to find me (personal media):
– email: christina.neofytou@stud.ki.se
– LinkedIn: Christina Neofytou
– Instagram: @christie_inabow

For more information go to BioN’s web page or go to Framtidsnätet´s LinkedIn profile.
Do you want to join Framtidsnätet? Apply here. 
For more information about different mentorship programmes, click here.

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons (CC BY SA)

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