KI Career Service for master’s students

Most of you studying at KI are already aware of the career service and have even attended the numerous events organised by them. I wanted to know how to make the best use of the service while we are here. So, I met with Emma Hägg and here is all the information I gathered from our discussion.

The Target Audience

The events and workshops are organized mainly for current students, PhD and post doctoral researchers. If it is a closed event with limited seats, priority will be given to the target audience (which is generally mentioned in the event schedule) for registrations. However, everyone is welcome to attend the open lectures. If you are an alumnus and are interested in any of the open events, you are free to register.

Making the best use of the service as a master’s student

Specific events

There are many events organized specifically for students and here is the link for the upcoming events. This is a great way to meet people from other programs, research groups and companies and start networking.

The events are generally planned during lunch time or late evenings so it will fit in your schedule. Some events are also filmed and are available for later use but you are always expected to be present in person to obtain maximum benefit.

Even though there is no resource to provide career coaching on an individual basis, there are several advice sessions that are conducted during the semester. You are always encouraged to reach out to them either during the event or via e-mail. The career service will provide guidance. If it is beyond their scope, they will always give details of where to obtain the information/ assistance you require, thus saving your search time.

Support for job application preparations

The KI career service provides all the help you need while you prepare to apply for jobs and internships during the program.

There are CV drop in services organized regularly if you need some assistance in CV writing or if you just want a CV review. The career service even has a collaboration with a company that conducts professional CV reviews and you could reach out to them during these sessions to get an elaborate review of your CV. I have used this service before and my CV looks alot better now!

They also provide advice on maintaining your LinkedIn profile. The best way to make use of this is by attending the lectures organised and reaching out to them during the Q&A sessions.


An important aspect of job hunting is to have a good network and you are always encouraged to speak to as many people as you can during the company mingles, workshops etc. The career service will have a booth during such events to help you reach out to a company and provide advice on best ways of doing so.

You are allowed to attend the Company Mingle even though the target audience is PhD students. It is a good opportunity to network and even get summer jobs. During such events, you can also network within KI by speaking to PhDs, post docs and with people from other universities. The companies are informed that master’s students would also be present so it is a good opportunity to get an idea about the company and practice your networking skills.

Getting in touch with KI alumni

Career service has a network of PhDs and post docs. They are regularly invited for talks. You can also register for alumni and friends to get constant updates regarding such events. The most recommended way to get in touch with alumni is through LinkedIn by searching for people with the same background (career service conducts various events and workshops to provide insights about approaching people via LinkedIn).

Arranging your own events

Many committees at KI arrange their own events with a career focus. If you also want to arrange a talk on your own, you can reach out to the career service and they will help you with the venue and even advertise the event in their newsletters.

Keeping up with the event calendar

In order to keep track of the various events, you must sign up for the news letter (available in Swedish and English).

The Swedish newsletter is only focused on career service and English one is for international students and career service. Some events are only offered in Swedish, so it is advertised only on the Swedish newsletter. If you can understand Swedish, you would benefit by registering for it.

Follow the Career Service on Facebook. It is also used as job notice board- summer jobs, real jobs, internships are all posted in their Facebook page. They are usually not advertised in newsletter. The events are put up on the Facebook page as well and the registration links are provided.

Getting in touch with Career Service

You can contact them on the facebook page or mail them regarding the events and other services.

Message from Emma to all the students at KI

“Make use of your time here and network. The person sitting next to you might be your future colleague, somebody you would hire or would recommend you for your dream job. Use the opportunity to network and you will benefit from that in the future.”

I am thankful to Emma for patiently answering all my questions. I hope this has been helpful to you. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.




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