Making your way through the Nordic Countries 1 by 1 – Copenhagen, Denmark (vlog)

The new semester of the Master’s in Biomedicine started – and so did the new courses. This semester is packed with modules that are short in length (1 month each) and sometimes there is a little bit of free time in between (if you get lucky with the assignment groups) to spend on a trip! Living in Sweden is a great opportunity to see the Nordic countries and tick this off your backet list, because everything is sooo close and the tickets are really not that expensive!

I was very lucky to be in a group in Applied Communications in Biomedicine 2 that had an individual study time break from Tuesday 14/02/17 to Sunday 19/02/17. Of course, there were a few deadlines for submissions during this period, but with a little bit of planning, anything is possible. That is why I decided to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit my best friend from my Bachelor years, Eirini, who is now enrolled in a Master’s programme in the Copenhagen University.

Check out my video blog of our 1 second snippets from our time together in Copenhagen down below!


Copenhagen is so beautiful and I would highly recommend it for a possible travel destination. If you are interested in recreating my trip, I can give you some tips about saving money, too. I traveled by train (, which was very cheap if you become a member and if you are a student. The ticket cost only 260 SEK to go to Copenhagen and the train ride lasted 5 hours and 11 minutes, but was quite enjoyable because there was internet on board and the view of the sunset was amazing! We saved loads of money by cycling instead of taking the public transport in Copenhagen and by cooking at home with my friend as much as possible.I came back to Stockholm by plane, for 500 SEK, as I booked the ticket through SAS Youth, which gives you an extra discount if you are below 25. (*BARGAIN!*) The travel back lasted only an hour.

‘Till the next time!

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Featured image taken by Christina Neofytou
(Customized LEGO figurines to resemble  my friend and me, in front of the Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen. Yes, they are Biologists and yes, they are holding pipettes.#geeks)

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