Life After KI – An Interview with an Alumnus of the Global Health Programme

The only remaining part of the course is the thesis and I am starting to wonder where I might be a year from now. To get an idea of the possibilities, I have decided to interview previous graduates. Here I speak to Linda Timm, a Global Health alumnus who has stayed at KI.


Q. What did you do before coming to KI?

A. I worked as an occupational therapist at homes for elderly Finnish speaking people in Stockholm for four years.

Q. Why did you decide to pursue a Master’s in Global Health?

A. From an early age, I wanted to work in health and development. Then I chose a different path and worked in the theatre for eight years! When I became a mother, I decided that  it was time to grow up and chose to persue a BA in  Occupational Therapy  at KI. I enjoyed my studies, but when I started working I realized that it was quite a repetitive job and was reminded that I  wanted to do work with a wider/ global perspective on health. One of my classmates from the occupational therapy course had gone on to study Global Health at KI and my partner, who is an anthropologist, further inspired me to apply to the programme.

Q. Did the course meet your expectations?

A. Absolutely – I particularly enjoyed meeting people from around the world, which gave the course an even broader perspective. Also, I was interested in working in research and the course helped me gain insight into the qualitative approach.

Q. What are you currently doing?

A. I am Implementation Manager for the Swedish arm of SMART2D, a research project currently being conducted in three countries (Sweden, Uganda and South Africa) in an attempt to formulate facility and community strategies to improve access and adherence to prevention and management interventions for T2DM.

Q. Do you feel that the course helped you secure this job?

A. Yes it did. I had written my thesis about “risk” in diabetes. This helped me learn about the topic and I established contacts with some of the people affiliated with the project. I also had the qualitative research skills required for the job and was familiar with the necessary software  (NVivo).

Q. What is your advice for students who are about to complete their Global Health course and are starting to look for jobs?

A. I would advise them to consider areas that are not “obvious”. Before writing my thesis, I did not have a particular interest in diabetes! Also, it is important to network with classmates, teachers and alumni.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I would like to stay on at KI and continue working in research, perhaps even pursue a PhD.

So, after graduation from the Global Health Master’s there are job opportunities out there and some are very close to home!

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