What does Santa do in February?

Most kids know that Santa is extremely busy during Christmas time, but I have always wondered what he does for the rest of the year? So this February I visited Santa to find out what he does during the non-holiday season.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Santa’s official home, a place he visits regularly for over 50 years so that he can keep his real home a secret without disappointing children around the world. Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, inside the Arctic Circle. The village has shops, restaurants, lodging and most importantly Santa’s office. We were able to meet Santa and chat with him about our vacation and then we can also send postcards from Santa’s Post Office to our family and friends.02-06

Santa Claus Village
Arctic Circle

As much fun as it was to meet Santa & his worker elves, we also had other activities during the day. We took a snowmobile to tour around the area, then went on a dog sled ride with huskies pulling a wooden sleigh. Next day we went to a reindeer farm where we learned about the reindeer industry and general policies about reindeer farming in Finland.

Huskies Ride
Reindeer Farm

For dinner we sat in a restaurant made from ice.


Easy weekend trips like this makes me feel fortunate to study in Sweden. Traveling to different Scandinavian countries is very simple since Sweden is a part of the Schengen Area and I intend to use this benefit during my study at KI. Whether it’s Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun, those are phenomenons that people travel across the world to see and I only have to travel a couple hours for the chance to witness for myself.


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One thought on “What does Santa do in February?

  1. Very cool post. Thank You. I loved Your text: “Most kids know that Santa is extremely busy during Christmas time, but I have always wondered what he does for the rest of the year?”

    Answer is easy. He manage activities of elves in present factory! Presents require a lot of work! Also logistics is important. 🙂

    Thank You visiting the Arctic Circle..

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