6 Secret Ways Your Student Card Gets You Cheap Stuff in Stockholm

I am here to tell you how to get the deepest discounts possible in Stockholm using your golden ticket, your student I.D!  As students we all have champagne dreams on minuscule budgets , but that doesn’t mean we should suffer.

You’ve probably heard it before, 10% off here , maybe 20% off there, but I’m not interested in saving only pennies. After 2 years in this city, I want to share my big money saving tips so that you too can have a little bit of the fabulous life…..


1. Membership Cards

You have to sign up for the Official Mecenant and Student Kortet cards, as soon as you are registered as a student. Sign up for both, as they have different retailer relationships. These two cards will be crucial for getting hundreds of smaller discounts all over the city, and to prove you’re an official student. The secret with these cards, is that if you sign up for the weekly emails, you can get these amazing deals for 50% off or more of different products,  6-months free premium Spotify, or a ridiculously cheap phone plans. So don’t send these to the junk box!


2. Hermans Vegetarian


Hermans is fixture of the delicious Stockholm food scene. Located in picturesque Gamla Stan they offer a whopping 50%  off of their famous vegetarian all you can eat buffet when you buy a drink or dessert. They offer this deal every day from 15:00, even on weekends!

3. Panini Internazionale


At the Panini Internazionale located one block away from the Solna Campus  you can get 70% off of ready made food in the cooler!! Yes 70% off , every day of the week, during the last hour of business. The food is delicious and it is a great way to stock up on healthy lunches and dinners so you don’t have to eat ramen noodles yet again.

4. Pressbyrån

If you’re like me, you can’t start your day with out coffee, but you never wake up early enough to actually drink coffee at home before heading to school. Pressbyrån has an amazing deal where you can get a small coffee for only 10kr, and 15kr for a large! In addition you can throw in a pastry for only 5kr extra. The icing on the cake is that you earn a free coffee every 10th time by using your coffee rewards card. It truly is a win win.



5. Movie Tickets

Version 2


Do you see this board? Have you ever bothered to look at it? What if I told you it was full of dozens of opportunities to get free movie passes!

Many of your fellow students need volunteers to help with their research studies, and they will happily pay you with movie passes to participate. The best thing about these passes is that they don’t have a price limit, so you can go ahead and cash them in for the VIP ticket experience (shown below) for the hottest new movie, saving you hundreds of kroner!


6. SJ Train Tickets

SJ is the national rail service here in Sweden, and it goes everywhere and anywhere in Sweden. SJ will even take you to the the big cities in our neighboring countries. With your student card you can buy your tickets for as little as 140 kr one-way, all the time. Not only can you relax and study on the wi-fi equipped high speed trains, once you get to your weekend destination you’ll have plenty of extra money in your pocket.

*** Local Caption *** SJ3000 Foto: Stefan Nilsson

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