How much does it cost to study at KI?

Now that you have submitted your applications for the Master’s program, it is time to start looking for funding options and here is an estimate of how much you would need to survive in Stockholm-

Accommodation- 3500 to 6000 SEK per month
This is the range for a student dorm or a room in a shared apartment. The rents are much higher if you look for studios or one room apartments. I am currently paying around 4000 SEK per month and it is one of the most reasonably priced rooms. In most of the cases, the rent includes heating, electricity and internet.

Groceries- 1000 to 2000 SEK per month

The money spent on food largely depends on how often you cook at home and also your preferences. One thing your grocery bill is largely dependent on- is the retailer. There are several supermarket chains in Stockholm where the price of the same item varies drastically between different chains. So when you get here, check a few stores and see what works the best for you.

Public Transportation- 550 SEK for 30 days

The SL Access card can be charged and used for all public transports across Stockholm. We also get a student discount (either 30 days or 90 days). While it is definitely possible to just walk or cycle to school if you live close-by, I would recommend taking the card atleast during the winter.


It is highly recommended to have an insurance. The EU insurance card works. If you are a tuition fee paying student, KI will cover the expenses for you. You can find more details here.

Miscellaneous expenses- 1000-2000 SEK per month

These include an occasional meal at a restaurant (around 150 SEK), expenditure on stationery, mobile phone (I make calls to India and use some data that comes up to 150-200 SEK per month) and all the small things you can think of. These expenses can vary largely each month. There have been months when I have spent not more than 500 SEK and then there have been months when the expenditure has gone over 2000 SEK.

For non-EU students:

As a non-EU student, you are required to pay a tuition fee that amounts to 400,000 SEK for the entire duration of Master’s program in Biomedicine. These are paid in installments of 100,000 SEK every semester. The fee varies for different Master’s programs and you can check that in the program website.

In order to obtain a visa (residence permit) to study in Sweden, it is required that you show bank statements to prove you have enough funds to account for living expenses. Currently, this amount is set to 8064 SEK per month. This figure varies from time to time so you can keep track of that while applying for visa.

As per the current guidelines, the study permit/ visa is given for one year at a time so while applying, ensure that you have sufficient liquid funds for the entire year. While you might not spend the whole amount or you need in excess is irrelevant. This is the figure you have to show to the migrationsverket in order to obtain a visa.

There are many scholarships you can apply for which could cover your tuition fee or living expenses or both. In my case, I am extremely grateful  to have obtained the scholarship from Swedish Institute. The stipend is generous and I am able to live comfortably.

I would like to reiterate that the figures are based on how much I have spent in the past months, and it could be entirely different for you based on the type of accommodation, lifestyle etc. Also, remember that it is extremely difficult to entirely depend on a part time job to manage your living expenses.

I hope you now have an idea of the living costs and know what to be prepared for. Please feel free to contact me if you need any information.




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