Life in a student dorm

I was one of the students that had the privilege of living in a nice house throughout my education. Needless to say, I had my own apprehensions about moving in to an 18 sq m dorm room.

Having read about the housing situation in Stockholm, I was grateful to have gotten a room at Pax. Before getting here, I saw videos by previous ambassadors and tried to picture myself in one of the tiny rooms. I must admit that I was very reluctant about living there and sharing the kitchen with 9 other people.

Stepping in to an extremely dirty kitchen as soon as I arrived only added to my woes. Most of the other students who had gotten there a few days before me never stepped in to the kitchen and were cooking elsewhere. However, things soon changed for the better. I met with the other students living in the same corridor and we decided to get the kitchen functional again. We also got help from the maintenance service and a few days later, we finally had a kitchen that could be used. Once that was done, I must admit that I really started liking the place. I had a private shower and the room was big enough for just one person. A week later, I finally unpacked all my suitcases.

Unlike a flatmate, we do not have control over who we share the common facilities with in the corridors. But it is really not something you must worry about since you will have enough private space. Having said that, in my case, I am glad to have these common areas  where we can mingle with other students and maybe even cook together.

To make sure the common areas are clean, we have kitchen duties where one person is assigned every week to dispose the trash. We have a “cause it-clean it” policy which sort of works. Most of the students living in corridors have some sort of rotation to ensure everyone is responsible and it is not just the person with OCD cleaning all the time.

In Stockholm, the “happening” parties are all in student corridors. So you just have to walk in the direction of the music and your weekend plans are sorted. If you are a private person that prefers silence, don’t you worry! Nobody is going to disturb you in your room.

I feel the best part of student corridors is that, it can be as social or as private as you want it to be. Pax is also located very close to the T-bana station. It is about 15 minutes away from the Solna campus by bus and you can even walk or cycle if the weather is good.

Would I continue to live in a student corridor for the entire duration of the program?


I have already queued up for housing from SSSB since the contract period from KI housing is for just one year and cannot be extended. I hope I will find a student dorm with the number of days I have accumulated.

Moreover, it is really nice to have a cozy room at an affordable price in a city that has a world record for the largest waiting times for rental housing.


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