The CHaSE 2017 event: Careers in Health and Science Exposition

Going into business is another option for people from the life sciences field, apart from staying in Academia. If you are thinking about making this step, this event will be of a lot of help for you!

CHaSE (Careers in Health and Science Exposition) is a career fair organized for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students, in addition to Post-Docs, from the life sciences sector who are interested in pursuing a career outside Academia. Many companies, nonprofit organizations, recruitment firms, consulting groups… will offer stands, presentations and workshops!

Watch this video, in which some of the CHaSE 2017 team members explain you better what you’re going to find on the 9th of March at Aula Medica (Nobels väg 6) and Medicinska Föreningen, Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna.

Don’t forget that you have to REGISTER for the event on their website!

For more information, you can visit:

Facebook: /chasesthlm

Twitter: @ChaseSthlm

Instagram: @chasesthlm


Stay tuned…!




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